CBDT to Set up 6 new Aayakar Seva Kendra (ASK) during A.Y. 2017-18

BDT has approved setting up of ASKs in your jurisdiction in the following two Income Tax office buildings/ locations:- (i) 3, GP(West), Kolkata (ii) Asansol




File No. 48/1/2017/ASK/P.VIII/DOMS/288

Date: 27.07.2017


The Pr. Chief Commissioner of Income-tax

West Bengal & Sikkim,

Aayakar Bhavan, P-7, Chowringhee Square


Subject: Setting up of Aayakar Seva Kendra (ASK) during Financial Year 2017-18 – approval reg-


I am directed to invite your kind attention to the captioned subject and this office letter of even number dated 14.07.2017 which was also hosted on the website www.irsofficersonline.gov.in. Vide this communication, it was conveyed that, consequent upon your recommendations, CBDT has approved setting up of ASKs in your jurisdiction in the following two Income Tax office buildings/ locations:-

(i) 3, GP(West), Kolkata

(ii) Asansol

2. Subsequently, based on the recommendations from your office, CBDT has further approved setting up of ASKs in the following four Income Tax office locations/buildings, in your jurisdiction:-

(i) 54/ 1, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, Kolkata

(ii) Sahoo Bhavan, Midnapore

(iii) Ananta Hari Mitra Road, Krishnanagar

(iv) Gangtok (Sikkim)

4. As the process of setting up of ASK is being monitored at the highest level, directions may kindly be issued to the concerned offices to ensure that the above six (6) ASK projects are completed by the end of the financial year without fail.

5. It is further intimated that the project is decentralized and funds will be allocated to your region for setting up of these ASK centres. This office is in the process of working out the number of nodes alongwith the budget for nodes and also the budget for setting up the ASKs as per laid down norms. In the interregnum, keeping in view the urgency of the matter, you may kindly direct the concerned offices to start the process of setting up of ASK i.e identifying the location, space and initiate exercise to award the contract as per GFR while the proposal for financial sanction is being finalized and the funds for setting up of ASK are defrayed.

6. You are also requested to kindly constitute a Local Implementation Committee for each location. It is suggested that the committee may be constituted under chairmanship of the concerned CCIT and may include the PCIT concerned and CIT(CO) for better coordination.

7. It is also requested that a nodal officer preferably officer of rank of CIT from amongst the members of this committee may be identified and the contact details, including the mobile number and email address may kindly be sent to us alongwith details of the Local Implementation Committee latest by 4th August, 2017. This committee may also identify space at each location for setting up of ASK if the same has not been already done.

8. It will be our endeavor to extend all possible support from this Directorate for timely implementation of the ASK project at each location. For any supplementary queries on this issue, the undersigned may kindly be contacted on telephone No. 011-26716415 or email: dit.doms@incometax.gov.in

Yours faithfully,

(S. K. Banerjee)

Assistant Director of Income-tax (O&MS)

Copy to Database cell with the request to upload the same on the website today.

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