As we all aware that there are various circulars relating to PAN which are released by CBDT time to time.  Therefore, today we are covering some of the important update related to PAN, which are as under:

1. Circular No: – NSDL/TIN/2010-339, May 22, 2010 – Acceptance of PAN applications – initials in  the middle name.

Earlier, PAN applicants (individuals) are required to provide names (first name, middle name & last name) in expanded form in PAN applications submitted. Also, the supporting documents submitted as proof of identity and address should contain the applicant’s name in expanded form and as mentioned in the PAN application.

Income Tax Department (ITD) has now informed that PAN applications received from Individuals having initials (one single character) in the middle name (Applicant’s name, Applicant’s other name, Father’s Name, Representative Assessee’s name), may be accepted. Accordingly, the instructions for acceptance of PAN applications have been revised as below:

Initial (single character)

1. If the middle name of the abovementioned name fields contain one initial, then the application may be accepted provided they match exactly with the documents (proof of identity and proof of address) submitted by the applicant.

2. If the last name and/or first name part of the abovementioned name fields contain initial, then the application should be rejected.

It may be noted that the guidelines issued for acceptance of PAN applications having two character names, remain unchanged.

2. GUIDELINES – Allotment Of Instant PAN Through Aadhaar Based e-KYC

This facility is for allotment of Instant PAN (on near-real time basis) for those applicants who possess a valid Aadhaar number. PAN is issued in PDF format to applicants, which is free of cost.

The applicant is required to type in her/his valid Aadhaar number and submit the OTP generated on the registered mobile number. Once the process is complete, a 15-digit acknowledgment number is generated. Once request is submitted, the applicant can check the status of the request at any time by providing her/his valid Aadhaar number and on successful allotment can download the PAN. The applicant will also receive a copy of the PAN in the e-mail id registered with the Aadhaar database.

3. CBDT notifies Income Tax Rule 114AAA vide Notification No. 11/2020

CBDT notifies Income Tax Rule 114AAA prescribing  that permanent account number (PAN) will become inoperative if  a person, who has been allotted PAN as on the 1st day of July, 2017 and is required to intimate his Aadhaar number under section 139AA(2), has failed to intimate the same on or before the 31st day of March, 2020, the PAN of such person shall become inoperative immediately after the said date for the purposes of furnishing, intimating or quoting under the Income Tax Act.

Republished with Amendments

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    Please take step to make a public petition for Income tax dept. That you have to provide pan card as per document. You have no right to made the acceptance note. Provide PAN as in Document.

  2. Sakshi A shah says:

    I have recently applied for pan card but it shows
    data mismatch due to intial in my middle name
    Sakshi A. Shah. How can i apply for pan now?

  3. L S Tiksang says:

    Even the public servants can’t do anything for a significant number of people/public.
    Useless software is still use by the income tax department.

    Anybody who live in and around Delhi NCR please let’s get together and fight for it in a court, or else the so called goverment won’t do anything.

    E-mail me at

  4. K S Venkateshwaren says:

    My name is K S Venkateshwaren wherein Venkateshwaren is my name; S stands for my father’s name (Sundareswaren) and K stands for my village name. But all my original certificates the name stands as K S Venkateshwaren and there is no full form for K and S mentioned. My bank says that they are unable to link my PAN with AADHAAR since there is mismatch in my name between PAN and AADHAR. The name on my PAN is Venkateshwaren Sundareswaren and that on my AADHAAR is K S Venkateshwaren. Kindly suggest how do I change my name on PAN reading as K S Venkateshwaren and my father’s name as K V Sundareswaren

  5. G NARENDER says:

    I@*@* who issue pan cards listen we south Indians do not use first name as most of us use only initials so idiots make the software such that it accepts single letter initial as first name. **********Use some common sense where we get proofs of first name as we all have only single initial as our first name in all certificates

  6. Tianuchet says:

    I am unable to link my pan card with my adhaar card because only my name and my father`s name is printed on my pan card. Which middle name or surname can I provide when none of this is printed on my pan card. This is so confusing irritating, what do I do now ? I wish to do it on line, please guide me.

  7. Sandesh Sandy J says:

    Hai, My name is Sandesha J. I want my name to be printed as Sandesha J on the pan card. How to fill the application? Please help

  8. Mahaling says:

    I don’t have either surname or last name. Without surname / last name PAN card application is not completing, how to apply without that.

  9. SUMAN says:

    I faced issue while linking an Adhara details to E-filing. I decided to change the details through online, i filled all the details but its not accepting the initials. If we expand initial my name itself will get changed. I am feeling bad that without doing requirement analysis who the hell developer had developed this application. I am requesting for the government not to give application to develop for this kind of money oriented companies. please change the architecture of application because 80% of people from Karnataka had initials.

    We cant link “PAN” details to “Adhara”

  10. K NAGRAJ BHAT says:

    I 100% Agree with all my colleagues who have rightly pointed out the faulty system of Income Tax department which has suddenly change the genesis of our existence. I spell my name as K NAGRAJ BHAT where as K stands initial for my fathers name..surprisingly on writing First name as NAGRAJ and surname as BHAT the fathers initial which is being used in all my records is wiped out in records. In case I write KRISHNA in first name and NAGRAJ in middle name then I am changing my name as KRISHNA. More so there is no uniformity in system across all Government identity Adhar card has enrolled my correct name as K NAGRAJ BHAT, but when I am trying to Link the Adhar card with Income Tax site it is not linking due to mismatch. IT department Pundits should now tell whether I should change my name at this middle Age to suit there needs for Income Tax purpose or they shall bring themselves in senses to devise a method so that we continue with name given by our parents and available in all records.

  11. P A VEDNARAYANAN says:

    My name in Class X certificate is P A VEDNARAYANAN & my fathers name is P V ANANTHA SUBRAMANIAN. I am in Govt service & my name published in gazette is as per Class X certificate i.e P A VEDNARAYANAN. I am also facing the same problem a& i was rqeuired to expand the initials as PAYYALORE ANANTHA SUBRAMANIAN VEDNARAYANAN. I think all of us should approach the court together since the insistence of expansion of initials should be for such people who use initials which differ from their Class X certificate. Otherwise what is writteh in Class X cert is legally taken as name in Govt records. then how can

  12. Vivek says:

    Fools at the Income Tax dept have considered only North Indian Names into consideration.
    Looks like they missed to recognize that a large part of South Indians dont expand their initials , Do the Dept expect people to go and change their Names for the case of PAN Card.

  13. Usha says:

    I have to apply for pan card, my name is Usha R, I placed ‘Usha’ in last name ‘R’ in middle name, but its not accepted its asking for first name. Later I changed ‘Usha’ as First name and middle name as ‘R’, even then its asking for last name. Please help me.

  14. R Shomu says:

    This NSDL sucks… how are we suppose to change our name in all our documents. Many of us have single letter in our first name. Most stupid system ever .. Initial should be allowed as soon as possible.

  15. vinita says:

    My son’s name has just the first name followed by an initial. PAN card application online doesn’t allow a vacant surname. There is no document supporting the expanded initial. So, does it mean he can’t get a PAN card?

    Is it possible to retain the original name (with just the first name and the initial) by producing a certificate of identity from a gazetted officer?

    Weird system indeed!!

  16. S haokip says:

    I have apply for PAN and despite all proof have been submitted they rejected my application just because my first name start with a single letter ‘S’ Who the fuck made this guidelines. Let them go to hookers it should be good for him after all his mistakes. Let them Go to Hell

  17. aNANTHA kRISHNA says:

    My name is ‘Anantha Krishna M A’ where ‘M’ stands for ‘Mysore’ and ‘A’ stands for Anila Kumar’. Anila kumar is my father’s name. so what should be my first middle and last name?

    All my documents contain my name as ‘Anantha Krishna M A’ My passport says Given name is ‘Anantha Krishna’ And Surname is ‘Mysore Anila Kumar’

    Like wise my father’s name as per all my documents is Anila Kumar M S. My passport says it as ‘Anila Kumar Mysore Sathyaji Rao’. so what should be the first, middle and last name?

    and can i ask for the name to be printed on the card as ‘Anantha Krishna M A’??

  18. RAVI KUMAR T says:

    Actually my full name is Ravi kumar T. I having same name in my all documents. So kindly reply is it possible make pan card by this name if not reply what documents can i submit.

  19. k says:

    It is Shocking how many people have problems with this application.
    After 5 years this problem has not been fixed.
    A bunch of incompetent people have designed this form and unable to improve on it… wonder they are unable to collect enough tax. Their stupidity must have put many honest people off from applying for this card resulting in them not paying tax as a result.

  20. Vemanna says:

    My Surname is only single letter is there how can i get pan card.Ex.
    T Vemanna
    Even my all id proof’s and certificates have same Name.

    please give me reply

  21. hari says:

    My Name is Harihara Sivanandan. R.G.

    All my certificates / bank account / Driving licence and even the PAN card (originally issued) was with the above 2 initials

    now when i go for change of address they want my initials to be expanded and wanted me to provide certificates also in expanded name.

    When the hell these IT department actually wake up and understand our naming convention. The people born before 1990 does not even have a valid Date of birth proof and only 10 th certificate is a proof. how in 1990 or below i knew that to file tax, i need an expanded name??

    To apply for the pan card, i am declaring myself i am eligible to pay tax to you (GOI) and based on my declaration, you allotted a pan. now to change the address for a smooth communication, why the hell my declaration is not sufficient. Then since i dont have proper documentation, will u return my tax?

  22. yadu says:

    how the hell we should provide you with a expanded name and a document showing our expanded name , while applying for a id they say you to write initials in the last, if if we want to apply for PAN the last initials will be considered as middle name and last name,you government issue our ids with initials and ask us for a id with fully expanded for

  23. V R Lisha says:


    I have applied 2 times PAN card but my application has rejected without giving any reason.
    My name is V.R Lisha in that V belongs to my family name and R is father’s Name.
    I am having my all address proof with the name mentioned here.

    So please advise what i can do for that.

    V R Lisha

  24. Pramod says:


    I have found this Verification Certificate form. I am too facing issues with 2 initial letters. I also don’t have any idea who is authorized to attest the document.

  25. venkatesh says:

    Yes, i have too faced the same problem, while requesting for a change of address. God knows how they allocated the pan name in full, when neither of my educational, birth certificate, tel bills etc are in expanded format. Now, they require the same in expanded format. All my bank account, ration card, dp etc are with initials. This is totally ridiculous. Neither they allow us to change the name as per certificates nor they allow us to apply afresh. Whats more, BSNL follows Last Name-First Name convention. And even this is not allowed. I will just add my first name, and neither last or middle name. Then show the fathers’ name. Will IT Dept process. GOD HELP !!!

  26. sowmiya says:

    My initial is with two characters but they have instructed that single character initial is only allowed. i don’t know how i can apply accordingly.Already my mother has applied for it with two character initial but it got rejected. please provide a solution for it

  27. rahul says:

    Hello Govt Tax department.
    who the hell are you to mandate how a person has to be named and who gave you that right.
    your job is to validate the documents and issue the pan card and to tell me people how to keep names.
    you have lots of jobs to do; kindly do that instead of wasting time on such silly and slavery things ( since surname is western culture not indian). Most places people dont have surname and its not mandatory.

  28. Bala says:

    The name, expansion of initials are become a main issue for many of the South Indians. In earlier days, the initial expansion was required only for Passport and they regional passport offices used to accept address/DOB from SSLC books. Once we complete education with the initials as mentioned in the certificate (without expansions). Earlier Bank accounts were opened with initials only. Even if you want to expand, Banks’ were not ready as they have to manually write such big expansions in the register. Now a days,PAN, KYC forms etc are formulated by people who lacks wisdom of capturing the naming conventions followed in the country. It would have been easy to capture:
    a) First/Given Name
    b) Middle Name
    c) Surname/Last Name

    As PAN card was aksing the name to be printed on the CARD, allow people to fill the way name with initials are used.

    The people at NSDL/CDSL are creating forms without thinking.
    Once we expand names in PAN, KYC and all, Banks/MFs etc fail to verify it.

    Ridiculous implementations!

  29. GEETHA S says:

    sir i have taken pan card already but there my father initial not mentioned. now any problem to me from this pan card?this pan card will accpect any where or not tell me any problem creat in future to me..plz send me answer

  30. Madhu says:

    exactly .. i just went through what dananjai has written.. damn it .. they force us to enter fathers name in expanded form .. when its impossible for us to give proof in expanded form..
    crazy dept!

  31. dananjai says:

    pan application asks expanded form in fathers name field but i have address proof identity proof with only initial, and what ever they ask as proof those peoples never asks expanded name(example: bank account, Marks card etc..), if pan rules is to provide full expanded name, they should give some other ways to cover it(example: a form saying name with initial and full form are same, signed by tashildar), does they dont no consequences arising for peoples(75%) dont have expanded father name in any proofs.(unthinkable _ _ _ ).

  32. Krishnan V says:

    This is being a big damn headache for me now. Because of the stupidity of the people who created the PAN application format, my life is filled with misery for this NAMESAKE. As everyone here has mentioned, South Indians in the past used to live in clustered communities comprising of only their caste members. For example, an entire village may comprise of Chettiars only and thereby the use of caste for surname was avoided as it led to duplication of records. For example, the same village may have about ten Ganeshan Chettiar. So as an alternate, the survey officers used to put the father’s name as an initial. So if Ganeshan’s father’s name was Annamalai, then his name was put in the records as Ganeshan A. That is how my name has also been Krishnan V in all my school records. Even when I got my first job, my name was mentioned as Krishnan V and the bank account application was also quite simply a few years ago and all my bank records, telephone bills, insurance policies etc. show my name as Krishnan V. Now the issue started when my PAN was applied for. It rejected single letter surnames and I had to expand my name. Having used my PAN for ID proof during passport application, my passport also has my name as Krishnan Venkatesh. Now all banks have started to update their KYC and they are threatening to freeze my account if I do not provide all my ID and address proofs once again. Here all my photo ID documents viz. PAN, DL and passport have my name mentioned as Krishnan Venkatesh and it is being rejected.
    Recently I switched companies. I provided the experience certificate and educational details with the name showing Krishnan V and hence my name got input into the system as Krishnan V. When I am trying to open a new account with the same name, it is getting rejected. I explained that if the salary credit has to happen through ECS, my name would show as Krishnan V during the salary transfer and the bank my freeze the transaction due to name mismatch. They want me to either change my name in the PAN records as Krishnan V or change my name in the organization to Krishnan Venkatesh. I am now in a total fix. If I ask for a change of name in the organization to Krishnan Venkatesh, I would be in troulbe when I have to apply elsewhere in the future. They may reject my previous experience letters with the name Krishnan V. Man, whomsoever the idiot was who made this system for PAN application has made it a nightmare for South Indians.

  33. Narayan says:

    i have the same problem that NSDL needs proof with expanded middle initial & i do not have any.

    Now with NSDL allowing middle initial

    “One single character initial is allowed in middle name field in PAN application for individual category.NEW
    (Please note that name in proof of identity and proof of address should exactly match with the name in application).”

    Still the call center people at NSDL do not understand this & are rejecting the application.

    It is unfortunate that i cannot get my duplicate pan card just because i do not have a expanded middle initial name address proof.

  34. P Agasthian says:

    I was trying to fill Pan online form, Which says First and Last name is mandatory. I put my first name as my name “Agasthian” and last name as my fathers name “Ponnambalam” (Which is my initial). I have no documents supporting my full name with initials expanded and now i dont know how to use those columns. Have sent with the proofs i have, which dont have initials expanded, Will i be issued a Pan Card or my form will be rejected.

  35. A.Ramamoorthy says:

    it happened to me also. I made an application for change of address. my application was rejected for want of proff for my grandfather (not my father). silly.

  36. Hemkiran Bakre says:

    I am happy to know the change, since I have been struggling with Income Tax Department since September last for want of proof of my wife’s father’s full name. Luckily she had her father’s name in full in her passport, a document accepted by Income Tax Department.
    I also feel that such a minute mistake should be overlooked since it does not make sense and is immaterial.

  37. Hemkiran Bakre says:

    I am happy to know the change, since I have been struggling with Income Tax Department since September last for want of proof of her father’s full name. Luckily she had her father’s name in full in her passport, a document accepted by Income Tax Department.
    I also feel that such a minute mistake should be overlooked since it does not make sense and is immaterial.

    1. Anand says:

      I face a issue from my bank because in my bank documents the name is ANAND S S .but in my pancard it is ANAND .S . It’s make a problem in bank staffs what can I do? Help me.

  38. CA Pradip Shah says:

    The point raised by Mr. Mistry is valid. For example, in the case of amendment in PAN, the prescribed form ask for ticking the items where changes are required. Even in such cases evidences for all the items are called for. This is despite the fact that except one item no changes are required anywhere.

    Secondly, in the case of married woman, documentary evidence of her father’s name is asked for. Now, he might have died long back. School leaving certificate containing father’s name is also not accepted. What proof there can be other than this?.
    On enquiry we are informed to submit a certificate by a Gazetted Officer or a corporator etc. How will they verify correctness of the information? So people are “managing” it and submitting to get the work done.

    There is no clarity in respect of many ares. At times, application form rejected by NSDL collection centres are accepted by UTI centres. And the best part is that PAN is allotted in such cases as well.

    One thing is clear that there is no clarity in this area neither at NSDL or UTI or I Tax Dept. Each one interpretes in its own way.

    I have seen that at times PAN is allotted on the basis of dubious papers.

    CA. Pradip Shah

  39. v swaminathan says:

    The purport or import of the revised instructions are not at all understood; much less its applicability or otherwise to every situation or individual’s case has not been made clear.

    This is no different from, but leads to the same type of, confusion that was brought about (but later cleared on a specific representation made to the CEC), years before, by mindlessly insisting for mention of a ‘surname’ while applying for an electoral card. That overlooked the reality, people from a few states, especially the ones from the south, do not have a surname; but comprises only father’s name (first)and person’s name (second). Incidentally, as one recalls, in the tax return form (s), one was requiured to state the person’s name (being the second name)first, followed by father’s name (otherwise used to appear second).

    There has thus been an obvious mix up, for which the executive has to own the blame entirely.

    As, in any event, the PAN card contains the photo identity, the requirement should end there. Otherwise, chaos and onfusion would become inevitable, and merely go to add to the already obtaining woes of the tax paying individyals, without having to serve any worthwhile purpose.


  40. Pradeep B Mestry says:

    I have applied for a address change in my existing PAN. Along with my application I attached proof of residence and also a copy of PAN card allotted to me. To my surprise I got a mail from NSDL saying I need to file a proof of my fathers name. I dont know what proof I need to file. Even the instruction manual also dont provide anything which need to be filed as proof of fathers name.
    Further I dont know why I am required to file a proof of my fathers name as I am already having a PAN Card and now I am only requesting to change the address.

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