Majority of Indian companies feel tax incentives from the government are needed to accelerate adoption of energy-efficient business practices, according to a survey.According to the survey by workspace solutions provider Regus, though India  has been criticised for its high emission levels, around 30 per cent companies here monitor their carbon footprint.

“A majority 85 per cent of companies said if the government offered tax incentives to invest in energy-efficient or low-carbon equipment, businesses would significantly accelerate their green investments,” the report stated.

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Globally, only 37 per cent of companies actually measure their emissions and less than a fifth of companies (19 per cent) measure the carbon footprint left by their activities.

However, small companies across the world are well below this average in their actual and predicted level of green investment, indicating smaller businesses are harder pressed to select low-carbon equipment when this comes at marginally higher price, it added.

In India, only 25 per cent of small firms monitor their carbon footprint compared to 45 per cent of large businesses, the survey noted.

“Take-up of green equipment and monitoring initiatives is still disappointingly low, particularly for smaller companies. Yet small and medium-sized companies account for half of any country’s business turnover,” Madhusudan Thakur, regional vice-president, Regus India said.

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