As you all know that, as per the observation of economists, according to the current trend, it seems that the yellow metal is performing better as an investment option in comparison to mutual funds, equities, real estate, and fixed deposits. The weak global economic outlook for the entire year is might be the reason why gold prices are surging. The yellow metal is considered as a financial instrument that does not erode in valuation during periods of economic turbulence. Many global investors are looking for safer investment options including gold as fears over a recession continue to grow.

Therefore, today I am discussing year wise Price of Gold in India in last 56 year. So that we can observe the growth in gold market since 1964 till date.

Year Price (24 karat per 10 grams) Year Price (24 karat per 10 grams)
1964 Rs.63.25 1992 Rs.4,334.00
1965 Rs.71.75 1993 Rs.4,140.00
1966 Rs.83.75 1994 Rs.4,598.00
1967 Rs.102.50 1995 Rs.4,680.00
1968 Rs.162.00 1996 Rs.5,160.00
1969 Rs.176.00 1997 Rs.4,725.00
1970 Rs.184.00 1998 Rs.4,045.00
1971 Rs.193.00 1999 Rs.4,234.00
1972 Rs.202.00 2000 Rs.4,400.00
1973 Rs.278.50 2001 Rs.4,300.00
1974 Rs.506.00 2002 Rs.4,990.00
1975 Rs.540.00 2003 Rs.5,600.00
1976 Rs.432.00 2004 Rs.5,850.00
1977 Rs.486.00 2005 Rs.7,000.00
1978 Rs.685.00 2006 Rs.8,400.00
1979 Rs.937.00 2007 Rs.10,800.00
1980 Rs.1,330.00 2008 Rs.12,500.00
1981 Rs.1,800.00 2009 Rs.14,500.00
1982 Rs.1,645.00 2010 Rs.18,500.00
1983 Rs.1,800.00 2011 Rs.26,400.00
1984 Rs.1,970.00 2012 Rs.31,050.00
1985 Rs.2,130.00 2013 Rs.29,600.00
1986 Rs.2,140.00 2014 Rs.28,006.50
1987 Rs.2,570.00 2015 Rs.26,343.50
1988 Rs.3,130.00 2016 Rs.28,623.50
1989 Rs.3,140.00 2017 Rs.29,667.50
1990 Rs.3,200.00 2018 Rs.31,438.00
1991 Rs.3,466.00 2019 Rs.35,220.00

Therefore, to conclude, it will be advisable that Investing in gold can most probably will not disappoint you.

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  1. Carol S says:

    The same 18.75 if had invested with a mere return of 10% annually would have yield Rs.68,041.23624 and a good investment of 15% returns annually would yield Rs.31,11,827.701.
    So, gold is not a good idea when it comes to investment. But it is good idea for emergency money(like insurance) as it a very good liquid asset.

  2. SST says:

    returns from Gold needs to be compared against returns from FDs. I don’t think that the picture will be great. based on the above Gold prices, returns are approximately 9% which is at par with existing interest rates on FDs. I feel that there were years when interest on FDs were in double digit. So, investment in gold may disappoint you unless you invested some 5-10 years back.

  3. ramamurthy says:

    Very useful information is provided. People apprears are crazy to hold the metal and a right time to curb the possession. Prescribing a limit to hold jewellery and banning the primary gold without a declartion may solve the problem of inflation in price and such an imposition may also curb black money investment and curb corruption and crimes.

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