10 Gms of GOLD PRICE History for the last 86 years in India

Given below is year wise Price of Gold in India in last 86 year. In the initial period, the price of gold was around Rs 18.75  per 10 gm of gold. Now it reaches to value of  Rs 26400 per 10 gm of gold. Its a huge rise in price of gold. Investing in gold can most probably will not disappoint you.

Here is the price history list, in which  the price given are for 10 gm of gold.-

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  1. Carol S says:

    The same 18.75 if had invested with a mere return of 10% annually would have yield Rs.68,041.23624 and a good investment of 15% returns annually would yield Rs.31,11,827.701.
    So, gold is not a good idea when it comes to investment. But it is good idea for emergency money(like insurance) as it a very good liquid asset.

  2. SST says:

    returns from Gold needs to be compared against returns from FDs. I don’t think that the picture will be great. based on the above Gold prices, returns are approximately 9% which is at par with existing interest rates on FDs. I feel that there were years when interest on FDs were in double digit. So, investment in gold may disappoint you unless you invested some 5-10 years back.

  3. ramamurthy says:

    Very useful information is provided. People apprears are crazy to hold the metal and a right time to curb the possession. Prescribing a limit to hold jewellery and banning the primary gold without a declartion may solve the problem of inflation in price and such an imposition may also curb black money investment and curb corruption and crimes.

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