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Revised Invoice – Section 31  – Issue a revised invoice against the invoice already issued during the period beginning with the effective date of registration till the date of issuance of certificate of registration to him – within one month  from  the date of  issuance of certificate of registration

Invoice Section 31   –  A registered person supplying taxable goods shall, before or at the time of, —

(a) removal of goods  for  supply  to  the  recipient, where  the  supply  involves movement of goods; or

(b) delivery of goods or making available thereof to the recipient, in any other case, issue a tax invoice showing the description, quantity and value of goods, the tax charged thereon and such other particulars as may be prescribed:

Credit Note: Section 34  

Credit note is issued when ‘I OWE’ money to someone.

Always Issued by the supplier

Eg : Credit note issued against cash discount to the customer at the time of collecting payment from a customer

Debit Note: Section 34

Debit note is issued when ‘THEY OWE’ money to me, that is, Always Issued by the supplier

Eg: if the supplier charges a penalty for delayed payment to the customer . Then, the original amount due PLUS the debit note is the revised amount that the customer pays the supplier

Receipt Voucher

Sec 31(3)(d) read with Rule 50  – CGST Rules, 2017, Receipt of advance will require that a ‘receipt voucher’  be issued and not an invoice (of either kind).

Refund Voucher

Sec 31(3)(e) – where, on receipt of advance payment with respect to any future supplies the registered person issues a receipt voucher, but subsequently no supply is made and no tax invoice is issued in pursuance thereof, the said registered person may issue to the person who had made the payment, a refund voucher against such payment;

Payment Voucher:

Sec 31(3)(g) –  RCM situation U/s 9(3) or 9(4) – a  registered  person who  is liable  to  pay  tax  under  the situation U/s 9(3) or 9(4) shall issue  a payment voucher  at  the  time of making payment to the supplier.

Delivery Challan

Transportation of goods without issue of invoices – exceptional circumstances-

  • Supply of liquid gas where the quantity at the time of removal from the place of business of the supplier is not known
  • Transportation of goods for job work
  • Transportation of goods for reasons other than by way of supply, or
  • Such other supplies notified by the Board

(compiled by : CA S V Raghunath, Hindupur, Anantapur (Dist) Email: [email protected])

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  1. raghunath says:

    .Invoicing for Movement of Goods on Approval Basis
    Government has clarified that registered persons can take the challan route to transport the goods within the State or outside the State in relation to supply of goods on approval basis. It is clarified that person will first issue the challan and as soon as the supply if fructified, it will issue a tax invoice charging appropriate GST.
    It may be note that the clarification relates to goods on approval basis. Thus, the fact pattern needs to be analysed carefully before taking the benefit of this Circular.
    Circular No. 10/10/2017‐GST Dated 18.10.2017

  2. Vijaya Shankar S says:

    Is there any specific format for rent receipt to be issued by the landlord to the tenant under this GST scheme..kindly update.. thanks

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