In terms of rule 96A of CGST Rule-2017 which was notified under Notification No. 16/2017 dated 07-07-2017, any registered person availing the option to supply goods or services for export without payment of IGST shall furnish, prior to export, a bond or a LUT in Form GST RFD-11.

The facility of export under LUT has been now extended to all registered persons who intend to supply goods or services for export without payment of integrated tax except those who have been prosecuted for any offence under the CGST Act or the Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 or any of the existing laws and the amount of tax evaded in such cases exceeds two hundred and fifty lakh rupees.

Such LUT shall be valid for the whole financial year. Hence, there is a requirement to furnish new LUT every year. The validity of LUT availed for FY 2019-20 will expire on 31-03-2020. As Assessee is required to apply for LUT prior to making exports. Hence, LUT for FY 2020-21 should be applied online before 31st March 2020.

So, that new LUT for FY 2020-21 should be available before 01-04-2020 for doing exports on or after 01-04-2020.

For the Financial Year 2020-21 facility to upload the same has been enabled on GSTN portal.

Submission / Renewal  of Letter of undertaking is a very simple and user friendly procedure. Its validity is from the date of filing to next 31st March.

Step by step Procedure for Submission of Letter of Undertaking

  • Access the GST Portal at URL. The GST Home page is displayed
  • Login to the GST Portal with valid credentials.
  • Click the Services > User Services > Furnish Letter of Undertaking (LUT) 
  • Select the financial year for 2020-21 from the LUT Applied for Financial Year drop-down list.
  • Click the Choose Filebutton to upload the previous LUT (In case , you have furnished LUT for the previous period, attach the same and continue to file your application)

( Only PDF or JPEG file formats are allowed & .Maximum file size for upload is 2 MB).

  • Read and Select all the three declaration checkboxes for accepting the conditions prescribed in Letter of Undertaking.
  • Fill the details of witnesses. Two witnesses are required to file LUT. The name and address of witnesses will be required.
  • Select the authorized signatory
  • Click the PREVIEW button to preview the form.
  • You can click the SAVE button to save the form and retrieve later.

A LUT shall be deemed to have been accepted as soon as an acknowledgment for the same, bearing the Application Reference Number (ARN), is generated online. (Circular No. 40/14/2018-GST) LUT is deemed to be accepted by GSTN. LUT approval is instant hence no need to wait for it.

 It is not mandatory to export on LUT even if a registered person is having it. He may still opt both like some export with LUT and some with IGST payment.

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  1. Pooja Kapoor says:

    Services have been exported during March 2020, however, LUT could not be filed.

    How this mistake can be rectified.


  2. Asha says:

    Hi while applying for LUT do we need to visit GST office for document verification or submission. can we apply LUT by ouself is there any govt charges are there for LUT

  3. RAVINDRA says:

    We have applied L UT bond (renewal) on 19/03/2020 and we have received the acknowledgment of ARN No. but not yet approved. So. Can i use old ARN no for export clearing under LUT

  4. yellappa reddy says:

    please provide the information related to : A person situated at Bangalore who have placed the order for purchase of goods and directed them to delivery at Chennai for job work, after finishing job work at Chennai, the job worker had send the goods along with the job work invoice, but the vehicle was intercepted by the authorities and levied penalty stating that the job work tax invoice should contain the original invoice bill. please if you could able to clarify the issue

  5. Suresh Kumar says:

    The Government announced new wages to port & dock officers w.e.f 1.1.17 and the Deendayal Port Trust is paying the arrears before March in respect of few officers and for others they propose to pay in April. Because of this, the port Will not be deducting and remitting lakhs of rupees in the current financial year. Further, some officers like to pay the income tax during the current year itself. What is the remedy?

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