Since enrolment application went live,of many issues,one particular issue that has been reported in significant numbers was pertaining to PAN validation of taxpayers,required to be done after the application is submitted with either e-signature or DSC. GSTN has investigated many such issues and have taken certain steps to help tax payers migrate successfully.

Problem encountered Solution provided by GSTN on GST portal
1 Mismatch in name as per VAT-TIN/Service Tax-TIB and that in CBDT Making the Name as per PAN editable in the application for proprietors, where details of Authorized signatories were auto-populated to correct any differences between Name as per VAT and Name as per PAN
2 Mismatch of names where middle name is not there (in such cases one space was being added when name data was downloaded from CBDT database.) Removing all spaces from name as per PAN validation to avoid appearance of spaces in PAN because of missing middle name
3 Mismatch arising out of First Name, Last Name and Middle Name as given in VAT/Service Tax TIN with that in PAN Concatenation of First name, Middle Name & Lastname of taxpayers and sending single string request to CBDT in order to avoid failure due to name mismatch arising out of Fname, Lname & Mname.
4 Mismatch arising when PAN in enrolment application was left blank due to non- availability of CBDT service at the time of data fetching for activation (after submission of application using DSC/eSign). Enabling fetching name as per PAN at the run time, should the name as per PAN in enrolment application was left blank due to non-availability of CBDT service at the time of activation.

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64 responses to “PAN mismatch during GST migration- Problems & Solutions”

  1. Ganesh Kadam says:

    please update DSC


  2. Darshan Saroya says:

    After submitting GST form for Individual is get these error
    Name does not match for Authorized Signatory
    Name does not match for Promoter
    What to do?

  3. Prabha says:

    When i register the GST Portal i have received the error message as ” Another User exists with same PAN Number ” and “Invalid characters entered another User exists with same Aadhaar Number”. So how to resolve it. please do the replay early as possible.

  4. Gopal says:

    This is in reference to Application for New Registration submitted at GST portal.It is observed that details of following PANs are not matched with CBDT database.Kindly fill the details as per PAN details and resubmit the Form. Details of the PANs are as under:
    1. AYHPG5317K : Name does not match for Authorized Signatory
    2. AYHPG5317K : Name does not match for Promoter

  5. sriram says:

    How to validating with CBDT database PAN name is correct.?


    We are a partnership VAT registered firm.PAN is AAQFP9299L with two partners. After migration we noticed that GSTN is 19AEDPB9834N1Z1. This PAN is of 1st Partner. Pl. advice how we rectify the GSTN.

  7. Krishan Kumar Bhatia says:

    Earlier the firm GLP Business was in the name of Mr.Zakir Hussain whose VAT no.06661050005 and PAN no. of Mr.Zakir Hussain is AADPH1545G. Prior to shifting to GST. I took over the firm w.e.f. 01.04.2017 and got the VAT registration in my name. My PAN is AAVPB5762D. My Advocate filed my application for shifting my firm to GST and I got a certificate of provisional GST no. with my PAN which is 06AAVPB5762D1ZO (copy attached). I also paid GST Challan through internet banking with this GST no. on 18.08.2017 and receipt also shows my GST no. (copy attached). But when I fill GST 3B return, the portal shows ‘ACCESS DENIED’ and verification pending. When I verify the same it do not allow me to verify. Actually in Detail of Promotor/Prop, it shows my name as Krishan Kumar Bhatia, but it shows the PAN as AADPH1545G which is of Mr. Zakir Hussain. I am not in a position to submit the details of sales in 3B.

    Pl advise 1. How this PAN can be corrected. 2. Whether my GST which I deposited on 18.08.2017 has been credited in my account. 3. Is there any imposition of penalty in this case because I could not submit the details of sales in GST portal.

    An early reply willis expected.

    Krishan Kumar Bhatia
    Prop. GLP Business,
    31, Mathura Enclave, Ambala City-134003 haryana

    GLP BUSINESS GST-Challan Receipt 18.08.2017.pdf

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