Do you agree that government must provide mandatory offline GST billing software to every registered person, which may work on any platform / device be it windows, IOS, Android etc. and may be used on any desktop, laptop, mobile, tab etc. with the facility to automatic upload of sales data to the government servers as and when the system is connected to internet. With this software, registered person will not be required to file GSTR-1 / GSTR-2 etc. and only transactions with un-registered persons will be required to be uploaded manually. All the tax calculations will be done automatically and Government shall send you these tax calculations with the link to make online payment of taxes.

With this single step not only all the problems related to mismatch, wrong tax-heads, wrong product classifications, wrong tax rates etc. will be eliminated but at the same time real time data will be available with the government. To me, this would be indeed the simplest form of GST in India and believe me it is feasible and much cheaper than what is actually spent on GSTN every month.

Advantages / Features:

  1. Mandatory for all businessmen.
  2. As simple as operating any android phone.
  3. No internet connectivity required for billing.
  4. Internet required only at the time of data upload, size single file containing data of about 100 bills will be of not more than 100 KB.
  5. Transactions with unregistered person may also be recorded on same software.
  6. No need to file any GST return.
  7. No mismatch problems.
  8. Classification issues will be minimized.
  9. Tax will be calculated automatically and link to pay tax may be provided.
  10. Nearly Real time data available with government agencies.
  11. Compliance of Reverse charge mechanism automatically done as all the tax calculations are done at government end.

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    Super idea sir, a must indeed and timely need for both the business community as well as the Dept.;
    All the GST Return filing problems will be solved, once enforced this idea…

  2. Ravi P says:

    Dear Sir

    It is a Good and Simple Tenable (GST) idea. Please write to CA institute and GST Council. CA institute is very proactive and I am sure that institute will recommend this with GST Council

  3. V.Gopalswamy, FCA,ACMA, ACS. says:

    I am fully with you,Mithun. That is the way, the tax System should be, & only then we can call it a Good & Simple Tax. One of the canons of Taxation is “Simplicity”. I have a similar thinking process & I want to give a write up on Simplification of GST Process. But will the Govt. & GST Council pay heed to views ,expressed by me, who is not in power or has a power lobby ? 10 12 2017

  4. CMA Prashant Dahivalkar says:

    Hello Mthun Khatry,

    Your proposal appear fantastic and very simple. I am sure you would have shared this with authorities of GSTN/MCA also, if not done then please do it. In the era of information technology such best utilization resources should be welcomed.

    But What i feel, government babus will not be able to digest such simplicity as their importance in the government system will be gone. But still simplicity should be improved in the interest of business community and nation.

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