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No. ACST VAT-2/ Digitally Signed Registration Certificate/2015 /

Trade Circular No. 19T of 2015 Mumbai. Dated 21/12/2015

Subject: Downloading of Digitally Signed Registration Certificate

Ref: Trade Circular No. 7T of 2015 Dt. 19th May , 2015.

A dealer seeking registration under the Maharashtra Value added Tax Act, 2002 submits an online application for registration along with the required documents. The Registration Officer to whom such application gets allocated generates the TIN if the application is found to be correct and is supported with the appropriate documents. Subsequently, the Registration Officer informs the applicant through an email that the TIN has been granted and sends a printed copy of the (TIN) registration certificate to the applicant on the address mentioned in the application through Speed Post. However, it has been observed that in many cases the delivery of (TIN) registration certificates to the applicant is delayed.

In order to ensure immediate availability of the (TIN) registration certificate to the applicant, a facility has been made available to download the digitally signed (TIN) registration certificate from the website of the Maharashtra Sales Tax Department i.e. . The Annexure A attached to this circular provides information about downloading of the (TIN) registration certificate.

It is clarified that facility of making digitally signed certificate is made available to the dealers to whom registration certificates have been granted on or after 22nd December 2015.

It may be noted that the registration officer shall continue to send the physical copy of (TIN) registration certificate to the applicant on the address mentioned in the application through India Post.

This circular cannot be made use for legal interpretation of provisions of law as it is clarificatory in nature. If any member of the trade has any doubt, the same may be referred to this office for further clarification.

You are requested to bring the contents of this circular to the notice of the members of your association.

(Rajiv Jalota)
Commissioner of Sales Tax,
Maharashtra State, Mumbai.




A) For VAT/CST/PTRC Certificate Download

1) Enroll yourself on the website by using your TIN ( for the TINs generated on/after 21st December 2015)

2) Click the button New User register here’ appearing on ‘My Tax Portal’ or Enter the URL

3) Click Dealer Enrollment’ link

4) Fill all the details in the form and submit the form

5) Do not share the Password created by you during enrollment. process.

6) Login with 11 digit TIN (DO NOT SUFFIX ‘V’ OR ‘C’ OR -P.) and password created during enrollment.

7) Click the link -Registration Certificates‑

8) Click the corresponding application number/s appearing on the screen to download the Registration Certificate/s

9) Save the download Registration Certificate/s

B) For PTEC Registration Certificate Download

1) Go to the Downloads section of the website

2) Click PTEC Registration Certificate

3) Enter PTEC TIN allotted/communicated

4) Click Submit button

5) Download the PTEC Registration Certificate

6) Validate the Digital Signature as described in point no. C of the Annexure

C) Validation of the Digital Signature :-

a) Open the Registration Certificate with Acrobat Reader

b) Click on the signature mentioned on the certificate

c) Click on Validate signature. If green coloured – mark is not seen on the signature part of the certificate, then

d) Click on signature properties

e) Click on show signer’s certificate

f) Click on Trust Tab

g) Click on Add to Trusted Certificate tab

h) Check all the check all the boxes on the window

i) Click validate signature tab

j) √ Mark in green colour will appear on Signature after successful validation

D) Take the printout of the certificate/s and keep it in safe custody

E) For more details kindly refer the instruction sheet for “Registration Certificate Download Instructions Sheet” available in the section “Instruction sheets for e-Services”


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