Late fee & interest is payable if GSTR-3B is filed after the due date. In case of difficult periods, generally the due dates will be extended to give relief from the payment of late fee & interest.

But during this COVID-19 difficult times, Government has chosen different & innovative method. Instead of extending the due date, the late fee and interest is waived for a specified period in case the return is filed beyond the due date.

Government has issued 2 notifications on 03-04-2020 for waiver of interest & late fee. If GSTR-3B is filed on or before the specified date, the late fee & interest is waived.

Notification No. 32/2020 – Central Tax (for waiver of late fee)
Notification No. 31/2020 – Central Tax (for waiver of interest)
Form No. Tax Payers Criteria Tax period Late Fee & Interest Specified Date
GSTR-3B TO > 5 Cr. in prev. FY Feb, Mar & Apr 20 Nil / 9% (see note1) 24-06-20
1.5 Cr < TO <= 5 Cr. in prev. FY Feb &

Mar 20

Nil 29-06-20
Apr 20 Nil 30-06-20
TO <=1.5Cr in prev. FY Feb 20 Nil 30-06-20
Mar 20 Nil 03-07-20
Apr 20 Nil 06-07-20

Note 1: For tax payers having turnover of more than 5 Cr. complete waiver of late fee is given if the return is filed on or before the specified date. However in the case of interest full waiver is given if the return is filed on or before 15 days from the due date of filing return. Beyond 15 days 18% (CGST 9% + SGST 9%) is applicable

Note 2: As the due date is not extended, Government can issue Notice in Form No.3A and directs any tax payer to file the return even before the expiry of specified date.  This is one of the powers, Government kept itself by not extending the due date.

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  1. aswini says:

    I have received a notice from GST department regaring liability to pay along with 24% interest on 5/3/2020.but i could not attend hearing due to is there any reduction to the interest?is any benefit available to me?

  2. Allen Samson says:

    I have not been filing GSTR3B nil for the last one year and have asked for cancellation, but they are refusing to cancel till my dues are paid. Any suggestions on how to go about as I am not able to pay the dues.
    Thank you

  3. Akash Saxena says:

    I have NOT filed GSTR-3B of my firm krishna Telelinks since June’2019. Also, registration of my firm is cancelled by the Tax authority, However, I am still doing transactions in the firm (buying/selling) and want to keep the firm Active. Since, the Late Payment Fee is quiet high, I am reluctant to pay it.
    Kindly Provide me reasonable Solution so that I can be bailed out of this Situation.

  4. Darpan Chheda says:

    What if the Net tax liability of GSTR3B Return is NIL ( No Payment through Cash Ledger) Will there be any interest Implications , if Return is not filed within 15 days from the due date???

  5. CA K Rajendra Prasad says:

    Dear CA Ch T Kumar
    This article is useful for everyone. You have explained in a very simple language. Now a days we are seeing press notes and notifications are
    different. The modus operandi is different. They have not extended , but waived if compliance is done with in the specified date. If compliance is not done with in the specified period full interest is to be paid at 18% for the entire period.

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