prpri GST PMT 09 – Transfer amount from one head to another head in cash ledger GST PMT 09 – Transfer amount from one head to another head in cash ledger

GST PMT 09- Transfer amount from one head to another head in cash ledger

Earlier launched by CBIC via Notification no. 31/2019 CT on 28th June 2019, PMT- 09 is the prescribed challan for relocating the falsely or erroneously paid ITC. This enables a registered taxpayer to transfer any amount of tax, interest, penalty, etc. that is available in the electronic cash ledger, to the appropriate tax or cess head under IGST, CGST and SGST in the electronic cash ledger. Hence, if a taxpayer has wrongly paid CGST instead of SGST, he can now rectify the same using Form PMT-09 by reallocating the amount from the CGST head to the SGST head.

Way of transfer

  • CGST Head to  SGST Head
  • SGST Head to CGST head
  • CGST Head or SGST Head to IGST Head
  • Interest and Late Fees Head to Any Tax head (CGST,SGST,IGST)
  • Any Tax Head to Interest and Late Fees Head

Applicability of Form PMT-09 – to whom and from when

All taxpayers registered under GST are eligible to shift any balances available in the electronic cash ledger using Form GST PMT-09.

Form GST PMT - 09

How to access GST PMT 09 is on GST Portal

Now the GST PMT 09 form is on the portal and the taxpayers can transfer the available electronic cash balance to other tax heads. In order to that, the taxpayer will have to :-

First Login > go to services > Ledgers > Electronic Cash Ledger > File GST PMT- 09 For Transfer of Amount.

What are the key points to note about Form GST PMT-09

1. If the wrong tax has already been utilized for making any payment, then this challan is not useful. This challan only allows shifting of the amounts that are available in the electronic cash ledger.

For instance, in case an amount has been misreported in the GSTR-3B, there is no way to rectify the same as the GSTR-3B is non-editable. In such case, only and adjustment in the next month’s return can be made.

2. The amount once utilized and removed from cash ledger cannot be reallocated.

3. Major head refers to- Integrated tax, Central tax, State/UT tax, and Cess.

4. Minor head refers to- Tax, Interest, Penalty, Fee and Others.

Example –

Mr. A. had to pay Rs.1000 as Central Tax under the major head and Rs.500 as interest under the minor head and he has wrongly paid Rs.500 under Central tax head and Rs.1000 as interest under the minor head.

In this case, he can file PMT-09 to shift the amount from the major head (i.e. Central tax) to the minor head (i.e. interest). This shifting of the amount can be done from minor head to major head as well.

An amount can also be transferred from one minor head to another minor head under the same major head.

For example, in the case of interchange of interest and penalty amount under Central Tax can also be rectified by filing PMT-09.

Format of PMT-09

PMT-09 comprises of minor and major heads. The taxpayer can mention the amount of tax which he wants to transfer from one head to another. The amount can be transferred from the head only if there is a balance available under that head at the time of transfer. A taxpayer can provide his GSTIN and fill the details in Table 5- Details of the amount to be transferred from one account head to another in Form GST PMT-09. Below is the format:

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  1. gvk sarma says:

    at the time of vehicle checking by GST authorities we paid igst and penalty amount through challan. It is showing in cash ledger. But how to adjust with next month tax liability. It will adjust automaticall or not. pl help us

  2. perumal says:

    Is this transfer allowed only for the reason of wrong entry/ error etc ?

    Suppose i have more input credit in CGST or SGST ,but i want to have more credit in IGST,can it be transferred ?

  3. Suryakant says:

    1) What is the use of Transferred to Others Tab?
    2) will it be available for Electronic Credit Ledger?
    3) can we used for any ledger head adjustments in Electronics Cash Ledger?

  4. N K Grover says:

    Is it possible to transfer CGST balance lying in Electronic Credit ledger to SGST through GST PMT-09 or in any other way in accordance with the provisions of GST law? Pls confirm

  5. Deepak Sharma says:

    I made a payment in Late Fee head by mistake for a composition dealer, Can i transfer that sum into tax head now with this form?

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