Free e-Book on Compliances of Service Tax / GST in Banking Sector

This publication has now been revised with changes made in the Law in last year and as well as proposed by Finance Bill 2017 and contains a detailed Questionnaire for Service Tax Audit of Banks, answering which will ensure compliance with various service tax regulations.

For safe and sound banking sector, one of the most crucial factors is reliable financial information supported by quality bank audits. By conducting audits of financial statements of banks, the auditors play a key role in building a resilient banking sector. Considering the intricacies involved, the Indirect Taxes Committee has revised its e-publication titled “Compliances of service tax / GST in Banking Sector”. The revised booklet has been updated with the Service Tax / GST provisions applicable to Banking Sector for the financial year 2017-18.

Let us prove in branch bank audit that we are knowledgeable, thorough and independent professionals contributing to the Country.

An e-book on the same is freely available for downloading at:


Hope the same will assist you in your professional endeavors. You may also register for Indirect Taxes update at the website of committee www.idtc.icai.org. In case of any support you may contact Secretary, Indirect Taxes Committee at idtc@icai.in or 0120-3045954.

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