Free e-Book on GST E-way Bills

I am very pleased to introduce our 1st E-Book on most awaited concept in GST E-Way Bill. Every one of us is now much familiar with GST law & its procedural aspects.

I am very pleased to introduce updated edition of our E-Book on E-Way Bill. Every one of us is now much familiar with GST law & its procedural aspects. GST E Way Bill – One of another milestone achieved by the GST Council in 26th meeting chaired by the Finance Minister Shri. Arun Jaitley, to roll out the nationwide GST E way bill from 1st April 2018.

According to World Bank Report, Truck delays at check post, have been estimated to cost the economy between Rs. 9 billion and Rs. 23 billion (Rs 900 crore- Rs 2300 crore) a year.Eway bill system is replacing check post system. It is also expected that due to Eway Bill, governments GST revenue will increase by 20%. It targets to capture Tax Evaders.

Implementation of E Way Bill System is one of the biggest step of Government in GST Era. The nationwide E-way Bill system was introduced on trial basis from 16th January, 2018. Government has tried to cover all situation faced by trade while preparing the GST E way bill provisions. However more relaxation is expected, so as to ensure smooth implementation.

In this E-book, we have tried to explain each & every aspect which will be helpful to understand E-way Bill clearly and precisely. We have also covered FAQ, Rules, Forms etc. This E book is only for educational purpose and not to be assumed as any legal advice. I am very thankful to my team who has taken a lot of efforts, while preparing & Introducing this E-book. My special thanks to CMA. Nikhil Chavan, who is proactively involved in this effort. Also, I thank all my Gurus under who have motivated me always.

Writing is not an ending process it will be a continuous journey, therefore suggestions from readers are always welcome. For any queries/feedback/suggestion, kindly write to me on munotswapnil@gmail.com


CA. Swapnil Munot

Download Free e-Book on GST E-way Bills – Uploaded on 09.04.2018

GST e-Way Bill generation- Things you must know

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