Last date for filing of Form TRAN -1 to avail Input Tax Credit is 27 December 2017. Don’t wait for the last date. File Now.

→ Section 140 of the CGST/SGST Act provides for transition of Input Tax Credit of the existing taxpayers.

→ A taxpayer can file Form TRAN-1 and avail Input Tax Credit on the basis of closing balance of the Input Tax Credit declared in the last return under the pre-GST regime.

→ GST law provides for one opportunity of revising Form TRAN-1, last date for which is also 27th December, 2017.

→ Taxpayers, who have claimed transitional credit erroneously, are advised to avail of the opportunity to revise Form TRAN-1 by 27th December, 2017.

→ Please ensure that only correct and bonafide credit is availed in transition.

→ In case of any default, tax administration would be constrained to initiate audit and enforcement action against the identified units.

Last date for filing of Form TRAN - 1 to avail Input Tax Credit is December 27, 2017. Don't wait for the last date

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  1. Pravat says:

    I would like to know the rules applicable for selling by auction of a motor car by state government of Orissa.

    Also rates applicable thereon and rates for auction sales by state government for other articles.

  2. Narendra Reddy says:

    I Have one doubt. our company has input credit for the FY – 2013-2015. we dint apply for a refund on time. so that we are carry forwarding the same input in the books. Shall we show that amount also in to the TRAN – 1 or not.

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