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The State of Gujarat has shown significant interest in developing e-platform for Commercial Taxes (VAT) since last 2 years. Since December 2011, the e-Registration facility has been enabled and the procedure designed for online registration is absolutely clear and systematic approach. Not only that forms like 402-403, permissions for paying lump sum taxes under WCT Rules, WCT returns etc. have been made online and improvements in e-services is remarkable.

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In early December 2012, another significant move taken by the department is introduction of commodity codes for different commodities.

Earlier, HSN Codes as defined under the Central Excise Act were considered for commodity codes for all purposes of commercial taxes. However, no significant reliance was made on such codes either at the time of registration or returns or other correspondence by the department. The commodity code fields were voluntary to be filled up.

However, Circular No. 181/2012-13 dated 06-12-2012 has been published to publicize the 8 digit commodity codes for different commodities. The basic purpose of introduction of these commodity codes is to further boost the e-services and the commodity codes are required to be disclosed by dealers in every correspondence with the department (i.e. registration, returns etc.) instead of detailed description of commodities. It is expected to follow these commodity codes in true spirits and the director general of systems will update the necessary forms in this regard and make commodity codes selection compulsory at the time of registration, returns or other e-services.

The complete list of commodity codes is available in the Circular No. 181/2012-13 dated 06-12-2012. (Please copy paste this link to see the complete Circular and list of commodity codes –

It would be interesting to see if introduction of 8 digit commodity codes under Gujarat Commercial Tax come out to be a secret move or silent acceptance of the State of Gujarat for the upcoming Goods and Service Tax.

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14 responses to “Commodity Codes under Gujarat VAT”

  1. Narendra Parmar says:

    what is the hsn code for manuf.of oxodise, wooden temple?

  2. Khodubha Zala says:

    what is my HSN code
    goods / commodities supplied by me Drug and Medicine and Drug and Cosmetic Product whole sale seller

  3. Khodubha Zala says:

    Drug and medicine commodities HSN Code



  5. anup k nath says:

    Dear sir,
    I want to know about commodity code of SS 316 fabricated item and silicon rubber gasket in Gujarat.
    Please give me answer early as possible.
    Thank you.

  6. Ashok says:

    Dear sir,
    I want to know about commodity code no 6807 of betuman tape roll how to apply in Gujarat. local VAT
    Please sir Give me answer early as possible.
    Thank you.

  7. Sajjan S Nair. says:

    what is the KYD Commodity code for Electronic Gates/Turnstiles

  8. BHAVESH SHAH says:

    I am mfg. for glue which used in Textile,Furniture industries, Handicraft Ind., Papper Industries and so many industries used this glue so what is a commodity code and vat rate for that.

    i wait for your reply.

    thanking you

    email :

  9. yeshudas says:

    Dear sir,
    I want to know about commodity code of Nylon cable tie 200mm in Gujarat.

    Please sir Give me answer early as possible.

    Thank you.

  10. S B AGRAWAL says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to know the code and VAT % for below item.

    water meters
    water meter box

    I want to deal here in Gujarat and even our office office is also in Gujarat

    Thanks & Regards

    S B AGRAWAL-9099090715

  11. Jitendra says:

    pl. send commodity code glass and glassware

  12. Jitendra says:

    pl. send me what is commodity code of Glass and Glassware

  13. VISHAL MISTRY says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to know about gujarat sales on fertilizers / mix fertilizers / npk
    how much sales tax on it.
    please gauged me

  14. jalpesh says:

    Dear. Sir
    I mfg for cosmetic product
    plz infermation of where vet on hair remover lap product and ingredients in suger,Leman full and water.

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