An instant personal loan is one of the key financial tools that can provide you with funds without delays. You are free to utilize the funds availed of an instant personal loan for many of your purposes without usage limitations.

Personal loans are also unsecured loan type, which means that you don’t need to provide any collateral or security to the lender to get it. The loan could be availed as per your creditworthiness, which is determined by your CIBIL score and repayment record. As a result, the personal loan interest rates are a bit on the higher side as lenders do that to cover their risks of possible defaults.

Nonetheless, scores of people in India and beyond apply for personal loan as it covers their immediate financial needs compared to other types of loans. If you have the required personal loan eligibility, you can get up to Rs.25 lakh from known creditors.

But, after having said that, is a personal loan taxable? Can you avail some tax benefit on personal loans or not?

If you are looking for answers to such questions, then this post will let you know more. Read on!

Tax Benefits

Can You Avail Some Tax Benefits On Personal Loans?

Generally, personal loans are not at all taxable. It is because the loan amount is not considered as a part of one’s income while filing the Income Tax Returns (ITRs). It simply means that you are not required to pay any income tax on personal loans.

But, you should note that you should have availed the loan from a legal source such as a bank or other financial agencies. It is vital to do as when you at5from unknown sources; it might be considered as a part of your income.

Tax Benefits on Personal Loans at a Glance

Personal loans also come with some tax benefits, and it depends on the usage that has been made with it.

The Income Tax Act of India permits tax deductions on loans for some purposes like education, home renovation or purchase, business expansions and more.

Tax Benefit On Personal Loans For House

If you use the amount of personal loan for the buying or construction of a property, then you can claim the interest paid on it as an exemption from the taxable income. Section 24 of the Income Tax Act allows it.

As a result, if you secured an instant personal loan to renovate or buy a house, then you would be entitled to tax deductions under Section 24(b) of the Income Tax Act.

You can get deducted up to Rs.2 lakh for a self-owned home. On the other hand, the total interest paid on personal loans would qualify for tax benefits for a rented house. You need to have proper documentation that you used the loan money for your home to become eligible.

For Business Purposes and Purchase of Assets

Have you used the personal loan amount for any business purpose or for buying any assets other than property? Then, the interest paid would be added to the cost of acquisition. As a result, it will lead to the reduction of the capital gains, and in turn, will let you access the tax liability.

You just went through some information on how by using the loan amount wisely, you can enjoy some tax benefits on personal loans.

If you are looking to apply for an instant personal loan, then you can enjoy the many benefits from an online lender. Have a look:

  • Loan Amount of Up To Rs.25 Lakh – No matter what your wish or needs are you can fulfill all as a lender can let you grab as high as up to Rs.25 lakh. The final loan amount disbursed will depend on your personal loan eligibility.
  • Quick Approvals and Faster Disbursals – You can fill the online loan application form and get the loan approval within 5 minutes. What’s more, lenders won’t keep you waiting for the money as it can be disbursed within 24 hours.
  • Flexible Tenor – You can get a tenor ranging 12 months and 60 months to spread the cost of the loan as per your needs and pay in affordable instalments.
  • Online Loan Access – You can also access your loan details via the digital customer portals of lenders and don’t need to visit them physically for it.

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