pri Say Hi to stock trading & mutual fund investment with Geojit WhatsApp Channel Say Hi to stock trading & mutual fund investment with Geojit WhatsApp Channel

While spending immeasurable time on WhatsApp everyday, people can now take care of their short-term or long-term financial needs using that popular messaging app. Geojit Financial Services Ltd., one of the leading investment services companies in India, has made it possible with the launch of their custom-made WhatsApp channel.

Developed by Geojit Technologies, the unique WhatsApp channel has bundled all the facilities like stock trading by chatting with the dealers, investing in Mutual Funds, tracking funds transfer details and other essential reports so that the clients can manage those transactions sitting at the comfort and safety of their homes. The WhatsApp channel also underlines the fact that future of capital market trading and mutual fund investment lies in the digital channels.

What makes the Geojit WhatsApp channel dependable among its clients is its safety features such as customer authenticity, traceability and self-service. What’s more, Geojit has ensured that all communications on its WhatsApp Channel are logged so that the trade confirmations through this channel have legal acceptance.

The launch of the WhatsApp Channel is a key milestone in Geojit’s mission to further enhance customer convenience. The WhatsApp channel combines the company’s in-depth industry knowhow with technology intervention. Especially during the time of Covid, as everybody continues to work from home, the WhatsApp channel offers the most seamless yet compliant customer-dealer interaction without requiring any additional effort from the customer.

The simplified trading mechanism has not only made trading effortless, it has emerged one of the safest, banking on a secure authentication process.

What the clients have to do is to send a WhatsApp message to +91 99955 00044 from their registered mobile numbers. After successful authentication, they can avail three customised services on WhatsApp – Chat with Dealer, Self-Service and Statement and Reports.

Through Chat with Dealer, the verified clients can chat with a dealer associated with her/his branch to trade in equity and derivatives. All communications between the client and the dealer are saved in the servers, thus enabling Geojit to collect trade confirmations through WhatsApp.

Thanks to Self-service module, clients holding FundsGenie Mutual fund investment platform account can invest in Mutual Funds, view Mutual Fund recommendations as well as their Mutual Fund portfolios. Meanwhile, the Statements and Reports facility allows clients to view ledger, fund transfer details and access research data from Geojit. Moreover, the clients have the option to add unregistered numbers to the WhatsApp Channel as well.

All the digital media is dynamic and rapidly evolving, the company will continue to add more features to the WhatsApp Channel.

WhatsApp has revolutionized the way we communicate and it is the de-facto communication app everyone has on their phones. The WhatsApp channel will unleash the gargantuan possibilities of conversational commerce and augmented customer engagement. So, get ready to say Hi to Geojit.

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