As Indians we always love Jugaad. We are experts at finding hacks and cracks and working on shortcuts for any problem that we need to solve. More often than not, these shortcuts are innovative and ingenious solutions which are widely appreciated. Even so these same Jugaads fail to provide solutions in the long run and are able to solve your problem only for a short period of time.

Sometimes, rather than depending on a shortcut, it’s best to stick to a long term plan which would solve your problem once and for all. This is necessary especially in cases – when it concerns the well-being of you and your family. Insurance is one such commodity where you need to keep your family first. There are no shortcuts to financial security – you need to plan for your family and – plan well. #NoMoreShortCuts

Exide Life Wealth Maxima from Exide Life Insurance brings to you the power of 5.  Plan the best for you and your family – invest in Exide Life Wealth Maxima now.

  • You invest for long term: High – performing assets like equity are extremely volatile and in order to reap the maximum benefits from them, it is essential for any individual to stay invested in them for a considerable amount of time. In a country like India, which is a developing nation – there is little or no chance of the failure of the equity market. This means that any individual who decides to stay invested in them will undoubtedly come out with huge returns. ULIPs which have a term period of 10 years or more are the best in terms of the potential that you can earn.
  • You invest smartly in a disciplined and systematic manner: Instead of investing a one-time lump sum amount, it is best to invest small amounts at regular intervals. Given the features of any market – investing at regular intervals helps you to bring down the average unit cost as you can invest when the market prices of equity assets are low. This way ULIPs allow you to benefit from Rupee cost averaging.
  • You invest as per your risk appetite: ULIPs offer a wide range of options to invest in, based on your risk appetite. While you can invest in high-risk but higher performing equity assets, you can also opt for low risk debt-oriented funds. That’s not all; you can also choose to invest in balanced funds which are mixture of both debt and equity funds.
  • Expert fund managers manage your money: Unlike conventional equity/ traditional investments, ULIPs are managed by professional managers who understand the trends in the market and invest your funds in such a way that you get the maximum benefits from them. While maintaining a diverse portfolio they manage to considerably reduce the risk factor involved while investing in the equity market.
  • In-built financial protection for you and your family: ULIPs offer life cover as well, so in case of any eventuality; your family has the protection that you had intended for them.

Last but not the least, all ULIPs give a number of tax benefits including in both maturity payouts and premiums paid.

While capital protection provides you utmost financial security, in the contemporary times ULIPs provide you with the highest return. A little bit of planning and there you have it – ULIPs can turn out to be the best investment opportunity for any individual. With the Indian economy poised to grow by over 7.5% in the years to come, the equity market is definitely a very lucrative proposition. In developing economies like India, the equity market has huge scope – it is only a matter of time and depends entirely on how long you stay invested in the market. With a fair amount of planned risk you can enjoy huge returns.   

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  1. Vasanth Kumar says:

    It is very nice, the way you have outlined the advantages of investing in ULIPs. When it’s your family at stake, it is important to plan. I was also looking for an ULIP to invest, being in my 20s, looks to me a good option.With this article.

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