Software icon N R Narayana Murthy on Saturday backed Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption and favoured the Prime Minister and the judiciary coming under the ambit of the Lokpal bill.  The chairman and chief mentor of Infosys also supported the people taking to streets demanding an end to corruption. “I think in a democracy, pluralism is inevitable. It has to be there. That is what makes democracy stronger”, Murthy told reporters in response to questions.

He said different people have different ways of expressing their opinion, adding, people have the right to express their opinion as long as they don’t hurt anybody and they are law-abiding citizens.

Asked if he would join Hazare’s movement, Murthy, a respected figure in information technology industry, said he is always a well-wisher of anything good that’s happening in the country. “I will always be there in my own way, whatever little I can do. Certainly I will do”, he said.

Asked if the Prime Minister and the judiciary should come under the purview of the Lokpal, Murthy said one has to find a mechanism whereby every citizen of the country is accountable to the legal system. “I don’t think anybody is against it”, he said. “I think all the citizens of the country have to be accountable”.

Giving his own example, Murthy said just because he is the Chairman of Infosys, it does not mean that he is above anything in the company.

“Knowing that the kind of extraordinary individual that (Prime Minister) Manmohan Singh is, I have no doubt he will be the first one to say this (to include him under Lokpal)”, Murthy said.

He said Hazare has been discussing with the government on drafting the Lokpal bill and the government has been very, very proactive in sitting with him and other members of the civil society.

Murthy said he does not know Ramdev and so cannot comment on his movement against corruption and black money.

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  1. D K Agrawal says:

    Dear, political parties should know that each and every person is citizen of India and is protected by Indian constitution.As to why some people like P M should be ignored.Is it a pradhan type judgement just like honor killing.All the elected members of Parliament / assemblies are appointed by public through votes to work for a fix tenor and are sagged down by public means these people are not the Masters but are the servants.Servants are servants, they can not dictate to their masters but they should think in right direction as per wish of their Masters.Further if our P M (Dr.ManMohan Singh) is not elected through direct public votes , it does not mean that he is nor answerable to public because he is elected by elected people.No movement by the people for the people has flopped ever, it will show it rainbow colors.We should come for-ward to support Anna movement against corruption like our icon Narayan Murthy


  2. Ramanathan Venkatraman says:

    We have a democracy. We follow the Republican charcter. We have a written constitution. We have all accepted that “Rule of Law” to govern us. Citizens of India are no different from the Chief justice of India or the President of India. In a case, the Supreme Court clearly stated that the “sovereign right of the King of England has not fallen on Indian President ship”. He is subjects to the Rule of Law in a egalitarian society where adult franchise doctrine will elect the Government. Illiterate or illiterate, rich or poor, the People of India are masters of this Country. The Master us not the Government, Legislature or Judiciary, but they are chambers with allotted jurisdiction to carry out the jobs enshrined in the Constitution. Parliament is Supreme as long as people have faith in the Executive. If the Government loses majority, then it is scuttled out. Government should look down, and understand that people are Parameshwar, and the government just the servant of the people in a democracy.

  3. Amit Agarwal says:

    Good. We have required support of every indian & it will help to us if any icon will also support to anna hazare against curreption & lokpal bill.

  4. Mahesh Desai says:

    Each & every citizen of india is accountable to the legal system in India. Our MP, MLA should come forward and help in getting the LOKPAL bill through in the interest of the country and people of India.

  5. hemen parekh says:

    Subverting Democracy ?

    Ministers are claiming that Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare are subverting democratic processes.

    Now come on !

    Is making people aware of a social evil, making them aware of their democratic rights, a subversion of parliamentary democracy ?

    To my best knowledge, neither Anna nor Baba, has ever advocated dissolution of parliament and imposition of President’s rule !

    They are fully aware – and staunchly believe – that Lokpal Bill / Delivery of Service Bill / Recall of Elected Representatives Bill etc. have to be passed by the parliament.

    I think Baba / Anna should now , focus their energies, their arguments on educating the members of parliament.

    How about asking our Members of Parliament to attend public hearings in their respective constituencies and openly declare their “ stand “ on these bills and how they plan to vote ?

    And conducting non-violent, peaceful, absolutely silent demonstrations in front of their homes ? Those are perfectly democratic processes !

    They are answerable to people who elected them !

    With regards

    Hemen Parekh

    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

  6. Krishna Lokapur says:

    When Software Icon Narayan Murthy back in his own way to support Anna Hazare movement against corruption, then why not we. Yes we will also party of the movement.

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