Kamal Nath emphasizes the need to have user friendly guidelines and processes including online systems and calls for fast-tracking decisions in DDA

Mr. Kamal Nath, Minister for Urban Development has laid emphasis on fast -tracking of decisions on various issues related to the Delhi Development Authority (DDA). Addressing a meeting of senior DDA officials on 19th October 2011 Mr. Nath underlined the importance of having lucid and user friendly regulations/guidelines/procedures which can be easily understood by the public. The Minister added that all acts & policies which concern the public should be formulated in consultation with stakeholders so that a better user perspective can emerge and be an input in taking user friendly decisions. The regulations/guidelines etc should eliminate grey areas that could lead to harassment to the public.

Mr Nath directed the VC, DDA to introduce an online system for conversion of property from lease hold to free hold in a time bound manner. The Land & Development Officer was also directed to do the same. This would resolve a long pending public grievance. He also directed that within a fortnight guidelines on Execution of conveyance deed in the name of purchaser/GPA holder in respect of flats allotted by DDA on freehold basis after 1992, for Banquet Halls, for re-development of Clusters of Industrial Concentration in non-conforming areas/Unplanned Industrial Areas and for Re-development of Influence along MRTS and Major Transport Corridor must be issued. He also advised DDA to examine the recent Order of the Supreme Court prohibiting transfer of properties on basis of General Power of Attorney.

The other issues discussed at the meeting included, guidelines for Use conversion charges from residential to commercial on upper floor of markets, conversion to freehold without charging UEI (unearned Increase) in cases of transfer through will, gift deed, share of transfer etc., need for land monetization and better use of scarce land resources through higher FAR for public utilities such as hospitals etc.

The meeting was attended by Lt. Governor of Delhi Mr. Tejendra Khanna, Sri Sudhir Krishna, Secretary, Urban Development, Sri. Rakesh Bihari, Principal Secretary to LG, Sri. R.C. Mishra, Additional Secretary, Urban Development, Sri. K.S. Mehra, Commissioner, MCD, Sri. G.S. Patnaik, VC, DDA, and other senior officials of DDA, MCD & GNCTD, etc.

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  1. Paul says:

    In DDA, nobody listens to dictate of Minister, staff only work expeditiously who say something slowly through ears – perfect understanding to do any work if money is assured.

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