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Do you want to purchase your dream bike but are unsure about how to arrange for funds? Keep your worries aside. With two-wheeler loans, you can easily raise funds to realise your dream of owning a bike. Two-wheeler finance eases the burden of having to pay a bulk amount out of your pocket at once. Here are five things to consider before applying for a two-wheeler loan to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Conduct Research

Nowadays, financial institutions are readily providing two-wheeler loans for the purchase of a motorbike or scooter. Different financial institutions have different loan terms and conditions.

Also, the interest rate, maximum loan amount, and loan to value (LTV) ratio differs from one financial institution to another. While applying for a loan, be prepared to pay for various charges attached with two-wheeler finance. These include part prepayment charges, foreclosures charges, loan rescheduling charges, processing fees and such.

Motor Bike

Motor Bike

Check for the hidden clauses with different lenders as they can affect your loan application form. With good research, you may even find a financial institution that charges minimum or no fees for the processing of a loan or the part prepayment of a loan.

In addition, you should opt for a financial institution that offers flexibility in terms of loan repayment.

Consider using a two-wheeler finance EMI calculator to compare the loan EMI with different financial institutions.

Loan Amount 

Many financial institutions offer loans to value on a bike for a maximum of 90% to 95%. The LTV ratio depends upon several factors such as the type of two-wheeler and the applicant’s profile. When deciding on the lender, you must compare the LTV ratio and loan amount offered by different lenders.

You do not want to be in a situation where your chosen bike’s worth is Rs 1,00,000 and the lender offers toyou a maximum amount of Rs 20,000. Therefore, it is recommended to select a financial institution that disburses a loan amount that is appropriate for your needs.

When selecting a financial institution, the loan amount should never be over-leveraged. You mayfind yourself in a scenario where the eligible loan amount is greater than your needs. In such cases, the lender may urge you to buy a more expensive bike by opting for a higher loan amount. Going above your budget, on the other hand, can hurt you financially in the long term. You may find it difficult to pay off your monthly EMI resulting in a dent in your credit history.

Affordable Interest Rate 

Financial institutions determine the loan eligibility and two-wheeler loan interest rate based on many factors such as the applicant’s income, age, employment status and credit history.

Usually, you do not always require a strong credit history for your two-wheeler loan approval but strong creditworthiness will help you in availing of two-wheeler finance at an affordable interest rate.

In addition to loan interest rate, you should also compare the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) with different financial institutions. APR comparison is important as it includes the costs and expenses involved in getting two-wheeler finance. Therefore, it is advisable to choose afinancial institution that offers a two-wheeler loan for your dream bike at an affordable rate of interest.

Special Offers 

Most financial institutions launch attractive loan offers mostly during the festive season. Some even provide seasonal offers such as a Monsoon sale. These offers may include a lower rate of interest, zero down payment, 100% financing, zero processing fees, and such. Furthermore, if you are an existing customer, there are good chances that your financial institution may offer to you better loan interest rates as compared to new customers.

If you avail of a two-wheeler loan during a special offer period, you may save a large amount of money on your EMI throughout the loan repayment tenure.

Repayment Options 

Before finalising the lender, you must check the repayment options available with different lenders. Check whether or not the lender provides flexibility in the loan repayment. Always keep in mind, the longer the tenure, the higher will be the interest component.

Make sure the lender you choose has a flexible EMI payment option. Choosing a plan with flexible loan EMIs will allow you to repay the loan quickly while ensuring that you never miss an EMI payment.

To Conclude

If you are planning to buy your dream bike, consider the above factors and choose the most suitable two-wheeler loan for yourself.


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