My dad, my best advisor: What makes him a #GreatDad

Whenever I look at how far I’ve come today in terms of my career and my life, I always think of my dad. My dad has been a constant source of inspiration in my life. His strong grounding stems from his humble beginnings, from which he grew to be extremely successful and brought up his family so well. This video struck a chord with me, because my dad is so similar to the dad in the video. He was so patient and he never lost his temper at me, my mother or anyone else in the family except in rare circumstances. As an adult now, I think of how pragmatic and insightful he was.

Financial planning is an important aspect of life because it enables one to think ahead and plan for the future, whether it is in terms of retirement, starting one’s own venture, or keeping the family financially secure. My dad had always believed in taking measures in advance, rather than to go with the flow when it comes to taking decisions. I remember how he inculcated the habit of saving in me from the time I first got money as a gift during a festival. I asked him why I couldn’t spend it immediately on ice cream and comic books instead of waiting for a year. He taught me a valuable lesson; that securing the future ensures you have a wonderful present. Sure enough, as I started saving every little bit of money I’d get into an account he created for me, I was able to realize its worth when I managed to buy my very own dream bike on my 18th birthday.

For our family too, he was very practical and forward-thinking when it came to our finances. He is retired now, but is able to pursue his hobby of being a coffee connoisseur now because of his planning in investments and life insurance for the family. This video reminded me so much of him and his ability to think ahead just so that we, his family, would be strong and secure financially. He cared for us in his own way through his approach to life, and that’s what makes him a #GreatDad. Thank you, papa.

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  • Really touching ad, great dads keep making their kids even with their little actions :) Remembered the day my father came back from work after i got bad marks in an exam even after studying so much, God ill cry



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