We know that Bank Fixed Deposits /Recurring deposits are the most trusted instruments for savings in our country. The people generally wants to deposit their hard earned money in bank in FDs/RDs. These instruments generated interest income and same is a  good source of income for senior citizens. The banks and government have came with various types of instruments in which our senior citizen can invest and earn secure and  hassle free income. The Income Tax Act, 1961 has also provides various rebates and deductions on interest from these FDs/RDs to our citizens.

It it important to know various provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961 and other laws so that you can enjoy full benefits of you invested money in theses instruments. You also have in your mind those transactions through which your details are shared with the IT Department and for which you are answerable. 

Bank Fixed Deposits - Taxability, Deduction & Tax Planning


Please note that bank does deduct interest on your saving bank account to the some extent but interest received from FDs/RDs are taxable in head “ Income from other sources” if aggregate crossed limit as prescribed under various provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961.

1. SECTION 80TTA- for a resident individual( age of 60 years or less ) or HUF, interest earned during a financial year exempt to the extent of Rs. 10,000/- in his Saving Bank Account/Savings Bank Account with Post Office /Co-operative Banks.

Please Note that :– if your income from interest during previous financial year FY 2020-21 is of Rs. 10,100/- then in this case the bank will deduct TDS @10% of whole Rs. 10,100/- and not on Rs. 100/-( Rs. 10,100-Rs.10000). 

The exemption  will be available  on interest earned only from SB Accounts as mentioned above.  

This exemption is not available for Senior Citizens ( a person being age of 60 years or more ).

2. SECTION 80TTB :-Senior citizens ( a person being age of 60 years or more ), with effect from 1 April 2018, will enjoy an income tax exemption upto Rs 50,000 on the interest income they receive from fixed deposits with banks, post offices etc.

This is applicable on interest received from all types of deposits. 

3. Banks are required to deduct tax when interest income from deposits held in all the bank branches put together is more than Rs.40,000 in a year (Prior to FY 2019-20, it was Rs.10,000). A 10% TDS is deducted if PAN details are available. It is 20% if the bank does not have your PAN details.

Please Note That:- in case of FDs/RDs you have to check your PAN on the certificates provided to you so that bank officials correctly deduct TDS and file the same in the return. This way you shall claim the same through Form 26AS( Now AIS). If you have not given your PAN then bank will deduct TDS @20% and your TDS amount will not be reflected in your 26AS , this way you will loose chance to claim TDS while filing your return. 


Mr. X has invested Rs. 30.00 Lakhs in a five year FD at @7% p.a. on 01/04/2016;

Financial Year Amount of FD Rate of Interest Amount of Interest TDS @10% Total Balance as on 31st March——
FY 2016-17 30,00,000 7% 2,10,000 21,000 31,89,000
FY2017-18 31,89,000 7% 2,23,230 22,323 33,89,907
FY 2018-19 33,89,907 7% 2,37,293 23,729 36,03,471
FY 2019-20 36,03,471 7% 2,52,243 25,224 38,30,490
FY 2020-21 38,30,490 7% 2,68,134 26,813 40,76,811
Total 11,90,900 1,19,090

 From above table it is clear that Mr. X will get Rs. 40,76,811 at the time of maturity of his FD and Rs. 1,19,090 has been deduced as TDS from his interest payments. Suppose if Mr. X has not submitted his PAN or his PAN number is wrongly quoted in certificate of FD due to inadvertent of bank official then he will loose claiming of amount of TDS ,since it will not show in his 26AS due to wrong PAN and it may be possible that the maturity value he received from bank may be less due to wrong calculation of interest by bank. It is for your benefit to be vigilant and ask from bank interest certificate to check, whether they are calculating interest and TDS as per law or not. It is your right to ask for explanation and statement.  

LET’S CONSIDER AN EXAMPLES:  Mr. A is a resident Indian having below mentioned incomes;

i) Interest of Rs. 10,000 from SB Account;

ii) Interest of Rs. 1,50,000 from FDs with Canara Bank;

iii) Interest of Rs. 50,000 from FDs with HDFC Bank;

iv) Other income of Rs. 5,00,000.

Let’s calculate Income Tax by considering different situations for Mr. A

Particulars Mr. A as normal taxpayer Mr. A as a Senior Citizen
Interest Income 10,000 10,000
Interest from FD Canara Bank 1,50,000 1,50,000
Interest from FD HDFC 50,000 50,000
Other Income 5,00,000 5,00,000
GROSS TOTAL INCOME 7,10,000 7,10,000
Less: deduction u/s. 80TTA 10,000 NIL
Less: deduction u/s. 80TTB NIL 50,000
Taxable Income 7,00,000 6,60,000
Tax ( before rebate 87A) 32,500 28,500
Less: Rebate u/s. 87A Nil Nil
Tax Payable ( including chess @4%) 33,800 29,640

Please Note That :- Rebate u/s. 87A will be available only in case of taxable income of a resident is Rs. 5.00 Lakhs or below.

Form above it is clear that Senior citizen will pay less tax than an ordinary resident due to rebate given under section 80TTB of the Income Tax Act, 1961. 


1. Please note that it is in your favour to file your income tax return and claim TDS as refund in case your net income is within threshold limit or your income during FY is below Rs. 2.50 Lakhs/ Rs. 3.00 Lakhs / Rs. 5.00 Lakhs during previous financial year.

2. A Senior Citizen can claim income from interest to the extent of Rs. 5.00 Lakhs as tax free income. Since threshold limit for Senior Citizen is Rs. 5.00 Lakhs . Please note that if your income from all sources does not exceed Rs. 5.00 Lakhs ,then you have to give FORM 15H to the bank declaring that your income from all sources during the current financial year does not exceed Rs. 5.00 Lakhs and the bank on the basis of FORM 15H submitted will not deduct TDS from interest income.

3. You have to submit this FORM 15H in the month of April and FORM 15G is for other Individuals.

4. Please note that the bank will inform details of FDs exceeding Rs. 10.00 Lakhs from all banks in which you have made FDs to he tax authority.

5. The interest received in SB/Post Office/Co-operative Bank will be aggregated from all such accounts you have during a financial year and in same way interest from all FDs will be aggregated for rebate under Section 80TTB.

6. Please note that you have to show in your income tax returns all interest received correctly in the head “ Income from other sources”.

7. FDs can be made by depositing of cash also, but you should keep track of cash receipt and source from where you have received cash payment and depositing the same with bank.

CONCLUSION; it is important and necessary to care about your investments and save money for your sun set years. The knowledge of applicable laws, rules ,regulations ,procedures are important and necessary for every citizen. You have to be vigilant and check you investments and related rebates/exemptions/deductions to save your hard earned money. Interest on investment in various instruments is easy way of earning income, but you have to take care and be updated with status of investments. You have to check your income, submit forms for non-deduction of TDS and filing of your returns on time to claim TDS. Please note that TDS is your money and it is your right to claim the same ,if you income from all sources not exceed threshold limit as specified by the government. A penny saved today will make you financially stable in future.


DISCLAIMER: the article produced here is only for information to the readers. The views expressed here are the personal views of the author ,it should not be considered as professional advise. In case of necessity do consult with Tax Consultant for more clarification and understanding on this matter.

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