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R.T. Agro Private Limited & Others v/s Securities & Exchange Board of India (Supreme Court)

  23 Feb 2024   0 comment
Explore the Supreme Court judgment in RT Agro vs SEBI case, highlighting the importance of balanced regulatory oversight in related party transactions....
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Revised Eligibility Criteria for listing on SME Platform of BSE

  17 Feb 2024   0 comment
Discover the updated eligibility criteria for SME listings on the BSE platform, including net worth, tangible assets, and track record requirements effective January 2024....
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SEBI’s New AIF Valuation Guidelines

  16 Feb 2024   1 comment
Learn about SEBI's circular on AIF valuation norms effective from November 01, 2023. Understand the principles for valuing traded and non-traded securities, gold, and silver, ensuring compliance and accuracy....
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Analysis of Insider Trading with Case Laws

  16 Feb 2024   0 comment
Explore the concept of insider trading, its legal framework under SEBI regulations, and significant case laws. Learn about regulations, judicial pronouncements, and professionals' responsibilities....
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175 FAQs on working of Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in India

  15 Feb 2024   0 comment
Explore 175 FAQs shedding light on SEBI's establishment, achievements, insider trading regulations, and more. Get clarity on India's securities market regulation....
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Compliances & Analysis of issues related to Insider Trading Regulations: A Study

  13 Feb 2024   0 comment
Explore the intricacies of insider trading in India, the legal framework by SEBI, and a comparative analysis with the US and UK, highlighting its regulation....
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Context of Greenwashing In Indian Parlance

  13 Feb 2024   1 comment
Discover what greenwashing is, its impact, and how India's Consumer Protection Act, SEBI's initiatives, and consumer actions combat this unethical practice....
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ESG regulations: Is Corporate India really doing its part?

  12 Feb 2024   0 comment
Explore the critical role of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) in corporate governance for sustainable development and its impact on long-term returns and stakeholder value....
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Analysing the aspects of Corporate Governance in REITs : Investor protection vis a vis Employee benefits

  10 Feb 2024   0 comment
Discover the synergy amongst investors, employees & management as related to Corporate Governance in REITs & their impact on investor protection & employee benefits. Learn more!...
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SEBI Impounds Rs. 7.41 Crore from Zee Business Guest Experts: Implications: Analysis

  10 Feb 2024   0 comment
SEBI impounds Rs. 7.41 Crore from Zee Business guest experts for insider trading, spotlighting the need for ethical conduct and compliance in securities markets....
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