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GST compliance for E-commerce operators and sellers

  15 Feb 2024   0 comment
Understand the latest GST amendments for e-commerce, including registration requirements for operators and sellers. Explore practical examples for clarity....

Audit Report not valid when reply filed by Assessee is not taken into consideration

  15 Feb 2024   1 comment
Calcutta High Court sets aside Audit Report for ignoring assessee's reply, highlighting the importance of considering replies for adhering to natural justice....

Learn GST Filings with CA Sachin Jain’s Exclusive Live Course!

  15 Feb 2024   3 comments
Learn to demystify the complexities of GST filings and take your skills to the next level with CA. SACHIN JAIN's exclusive live course! Gain practical insights into GST filings now....

Offices, Billing Branches & Input Service Distributor: Budget 2024 GST Amendment Analysis

  15 Feb 2024   0 comment
Introduction: The Budget 2024 has introduced pivotal changes to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regulations, particularly affecting Input Service Distributors (ISD). Stemming from recommendations made during the 50th and 52nd GST Council meetings, these amendments aim to refine the distribution of Input Tax Credit (ITC) for services pro...

E-way bill generated between detention & seizure of goods, Without Cogent Nexus to Intention to Evade Tax, Is Fallacious

  14 Feb 2024   0 comment
Explore the critical distinction between technical errors and tax evasion intent in taxation, emphasizing fair penalty imposition in E-way bill cases....

Hostel and Accommodation with Food Service: Taxed at 9% CGST

  14 Feb 2024   0 comment
Hostel and Accommodation service operating through rental premises along with food-related service taxed @ 9% CGST The Tamil Nadu AAR in the case of In re. Nithiyashree Ladies Hotel [Advance Ruling No. 77/AAR/2023 dated September 04, 2023] held that, hostel and accommodation service operating through rental premises along with food-relate...

Revocation of Cancelled GST Registration under Section 30

  14 Feb 2024   1 comment
Learn how to revive a cancelled GST registration, including time limits, procedures, and mandatory Aadhar authentication. Essential guide for taxpayers....

Finance Bill 2024 Proposes Changes to Input Service Distributor: A New Time Bomb Ticking

  13 Feb 2024   2 comments
Understand the significant changes proposed in the interim budget 2024 regarding the Input Service Distributor concept under GST, impacting businesses and compliance....

ISD vs Cross Charge: The Budget Twist

  13 Feb 2024   0 comment
Understand the changes in ISD and Cross Charge post-Budget 2024. Navigate through the implications, amendments, and compliance considerations for businesses....

Writ jurisdiction of the High Courts and doctrine of alternate remedy

  13 Feb 2024   0 comment
Understanding the writ jurisdiction of High Courts and the doctrine of alternate remedy. Key case laws and analysis discussed regarding the availability of writ petitions....

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