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Delhi HC Upholds Validity of GST’s Anti-Profiteering Mechanism

  28 Apr 2024   0 comment
Delhi High Court upholds constitutional validity of GST anti-profiteering law and rules. Detailed analysis of implications for businesses and consumers....

Understanding of recovery proceeding under Section 78 of CGST Act

  28 Apr 2024   0 comment
Explore Section 78 of the CGST Act, empowering tax authorities for recovery proceedings. Case law insights and implications detailed for taxpayers' understanding....

वित्तीय वर्ष 2023- 24 के लिए GSTR-4 में आ रही परेशानी के संबंध में

  26 Apr 2024   1 comment
जीएसटीR 4 में इनवर्ड सप्लाई के संबंध में परेशानी के कारण और समाधानों के बारे में जानें। कंपोजिशन डीलरों को धारा 73 या 74 में नोटिस भेज...

Can a Registered Person whose Place of Supply is different from Recipient’s State Claim IGST ITC?

  26 Apr 2024   0 comment
Delve into the legislation and analysis surrounding the availability of Input Tax Credit (ITC) of IGST with insights into statutory provisions, circulars, and revenue appropriation....

Introduction to Genesis of Goods And Services Tax (GST) in India

  25 Apr 2024   0 comment
Delve into the origins and implications of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India, its benefits, constitutional provisions, and operational mechanisms....

Complexities of sending goods for Job work- Filing of Form GST ITC- 04

  25 Apr 2024   2 comments
Article explains complexities of sending goods for job work and filing Form GST ITC-04. Know relevance, filing requirements, potential issues, and tips to ensure compliance....

GST Impact in 2024: Economy, Businesses and Consumers

  25 Apr 2024   0 comment
Explore the implications of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in 2024 on the Indian economy, companies, and consumers. Discover the streamlined tax structure, boost to economic growth, challenges, and reforms....

Goods and Services Tax: Meaning, Structure and Recent Changes in it

  25 Apr 2024   0 comment
Article explains meaning, structure, and recent amendments in Goods and Services Tax (GST) and its implications for businesses, consumers, and economy....

Goods and Services Tax (GST): A Paradigm Shift in Indian Taxation

  25 Apr 2024   0 comment
Explore the history, impact, and future of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India, a transformative tax reform that simplified taxation, streamlined compliance, and spurred economic growth....

Arrest & Bail Under GST

  24 Apr 2024   0 comment
Explore the provisions for arrest and bail under GST law, including conditions precedent, legal terms, procedural guidelines, and judicial interpretations. Understand when arrest can be made and factors considered for bail....

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