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जीएसटी में जारी अधिसूचनाओं का विश्लेषण

  15 Jul 2024   0 comment
जीएसटी की 53वीं काउंसिल मीटिंग के बाद जारी अधिसूचनाओं का बिंदुवार विश्लेषण। जीएसटी में महत्वपूर्ण संशोधन और उनके प्रभाव का विवरण...

फॉर्म GSTR-1A की समीक्षा

  14 Jul 2024   1 comment
जीएसटी एक्ट की नियमावली में दिनांक 10 जुलाई 2024 से नई जीएसटी रिटर्न 1ए के संबंध में विभिन्न नियमों में जो परिवर्तन किए गए हैं। उन्हें ...

Assessee entitled to personal hearing opportunity after passing of Order when amount of tax payable has been appropriated

  13 Jul 2024   0 comment
Explore the Madras High Court judgment in Amarjyothi Carrying Corporation v. Assistant Commissioner (ST) on entitlement to personal hearing post assessment order. Learn about the impact on GST returns and taxpayer rights....

Notifications & Circulars – In light of 53rd GST Council Meeting Recommendations

  13 Jul 2024   0 comment
Explore the key updates and amendments in GST notifications and circulars issued based on the 53rd GST Council Meeting recommendations. Stay compliant with the latest GST rules....

जीएसटी एक्ट के नवीनतम अपडेट: करदाताओं के लिए नई दिशा-निर्देश और तिथियां

  13 Jul 2024   0 comment
जीएसटी अपडेट: सीबीआईसी ने जीएसटीएटी के कार्यशील होने तक करदाताओं के लिए नए दिशानिर्देश और जीएसटीआर-4 दाखिल करने की नई तिथि जारी की...

Input Tax Credit and Commercial Expediency: A Comparative Analysis with Income Tax Jurisprudence

  13 Jul 2024   0 comment
Explore the nuances of input tax credit under GST and its commercial expediency, drawing parallels with income tax jurisprudence and Supreme Court rulings....


  13 Jul 2024   0 comment
Understand the new GSTR-1A form for amending outward supplies of goods or services in the current tax period. Learn its features, availability, and process....

Summary of 4 GST circulars issued by CBIC on 11th July 2024

  12 Jul 2024   0 comment
Summary of CBIC's circulars issued on July 11, 2024, clarifying GST recovery, corporate guarantees, IGST refunds, and CSD refunds as per GST Council's recommendations....

Summary of GST notifications issued on 10th July 2024

  12 Jul 2024   0 comment
Get a detailed summary of the latest GST notifications and circulars issued on 10 July 2024, including changes in GSTR 1, ISD mechanisms, and more....

Detailed Analysis of Circular No. 193/05/2023-GST Dated 17th July,2023

  11 Jul 2024   1 comment
Detailed analysis of Circular No. 193/05/2023-GST dated 17th July 2023, addressing discrepancies between GSTR 3B and GSTR 2A, and Rule 36(4) implications....

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