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Crackdown on VAT defaulters under Delhi VAT

  17 Jan 2016   0 comment
The introduction of form DS-2 was an important step taken by Delhi Govt. few months back to curb the practice adopted by some tax evaders. The level of pollution has grown manifold in last year but the collection of taxes especially VAT is 40% short of its annual target of Rs. 24000 crores. ...

Entry Tax in Uttarakhand on E-Commerce-A Reality

  17 Jan 2016   1 comment
Advocate Rajnish R. Singla State of Uttarakhand must have mistaken the figures of E-Commerce and dreaming for higher revenues. Any way, they are going to tax everything until one’s last breath and thereafter too for funerals, so not surprised in their decision. That’s the governance, to tax, tax over tax, additional tax, entry tax, ce...

Sales tax liability of assessee could not be recovered from spouse’s property unless assessee had any right/interest in that property

  15 Jan 2016   0 comment
Geetaben J. Patel Vs The Assistant Sales Tax Commissioner and 1 (Gujarat High Court)
It is held that mere reference to the power under Section 48A of the Gujarat Sales Tax Act doesn’t empower the Department to attach the property of the Petitioner unless it is proved that husband had any right or interest in the property of the Petitioner....

Assessee can claim CST rate on plant, machinery etc. used in Works contract execution by including in CST registration certificate

  15 Jan 2016   0 comment
Nagarjuna Construction Co. Ltd. Vs Assistant Commissioner of Commercial Taxes
Nagarjuna Construction Co. Ltd. was engaged in the business of Works contracts such as construction of bridges, flyovers, roads and multi-storied buildings across the India. Being a Works contractor, the Petitioner applied for registration under the CST Act and also claimed CST registration in respect of machinery, tools and equipment suc...

Services by Excise and Taxation Department brought under Punjab Right to Service Act, 2011

  15 Jan 2016   0 comment
NO. 5/27/2014-2GR-2(PF)/668042/1 (15/01/2016)  
The Government of Punjab has notified the additional services, stipulated time limit, designated officers, first appellate authorities and second appellate authorities for the purpose of Section 3 of the Punjab Right To Service Act, 2011. This new notification has also brought many services provided by Excise and Taxation department Punja...

Understanding Revenue Neutral RATE (RNR) of GST

  15 Jan 2016   0 comment
(i) Share of revenue from such commodities, which would be kept outside the GST structure, e.g., petroleum products, tobacco, liquor, etc. However, Central Govt. can charge excise duty on tobacco products over and above GST. (ii)Number of taxes to be subsumed in the GST, for example stamp duty, property tax, toll tax, etc. might be kept o...

Decoding GST (Part 2) – Step Towards GST

  12 Jan 2016   0 comment
The current article would be focusing on the historical background of Goods and Services Tax and how it has evolved over the period in India. In almost all the budget speeches since the year 2006-07, there has been a reference to the implementation of GST. All the steps have been discussed herewith to showcase the process and preparation ...

Decoding GST (Part 1) – Road To GST

  08 Jan 2016   0 comment
To set the stage for the ambitious reform legislation, the Union Cabinet under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi ji on 17th December, 2014 approved the proposal for introduction of a Bill in the Parliament for amending the Constitution of India....

Recent important changes under Delhi VAT

  06 Jan 2016   0 comment
CA Vinod Kaushik Introduction:- The Delhi Govt. is regularly amending various rules and forms to make the law simple and user friendly. In last 2-3 months a series of notifications and circulars have been issued which are very important to understand. In this comprehensive article one such notification has been decoded and their impacts o...

Odisha VAT: Amendment in schedule B- Tax rate enhanced from 13.5% to 14.5% w.e.f 01-01-16

  06 Jan 2016   1 comment
Dayal R Kundani Notification: No. 80-FIN-CT1-TAX-0020-2015 Dtd 1st Jan, 2016 Goods taxable at the rate of 13.5% shall now be taxable at the rate 14.5 % for list of goods subject to Value Added Tax on Turnover of Sales or Purchases (General rate – Schedule B Part III)...

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