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SEBI Circular on Board Nomination Rights to unitholders of Infrastructure Investment Trusts

  22 Sep 2023   0 comment
Explore SEBI's latest circular introducing nomination rights for unitholders in Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InvITs). Learn the process, criteria, and implications....
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How SEBI Minimizes Risk For AIF Investors Through PPM Audit

  18 Sep 2023   1 comment
Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) serves as a comprehensive document that provides prospective investors with essential information about the fund's investment strategy, objectives, risks, and legal structure....
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How to Become Research Analyst In India – A Comprehensive Guide

  06 Sep 2023   2 comments
"Unlock the Path to Becoming a Research Analyst in India Explore the comprehensive guide covering qualifications, SEBI registration criteria, and the step-by-step process. Learn the meaning of a Research Analyst, eligibility requirements, and the crucial documentation needed. Dive into the details and embark on your journey toward this es...
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Liquidation Scheme Odyssey: Navigating the labyrinth of unliquidated investments

  06 Sep 2023   0 comment
Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) have lately been at the helm of catalysing growth, innovation, and revolutionizing the financial fabric of India....
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Disclosures pertaining to Analysts/Institutional Investors Meet of a Listed Entity

  29 Aug 2023   1 comment
Exploring SEBI's 2023 amendment on disclosure requirements for Analysts/Institutional Investors Meet. Discover the implications for listed entities and investors....
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SEBI (Informal Guidance) Scheme, 2003: A Quick Overview

  25 Aug 2023   0 comment
Dive into the SEBI (Informal Guidance) Scheme, 2003 – A strategic initiative ensuring clarity and understanding of securities market regulations....
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SEBI LODR Event Based Compliances: Regulations & Deadlines

  24 Aug 2023   0 comment
Learn about SEBI LODR event-based compliances. Understand regulations, deadlines & responsibilities for listed entities in India....
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Understanding SEBI’s Regulation 3: Acquisition & Takeovers

  23 Aug 2023   0 comment
Delve into SEBI's Regulation 3, detailing stringent requirements and disclosures for acquirers in substantial share acquisitions of listed companies....
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Understanding Social Stock Exchange: Key Features & Criteria

  23 Aug 2023   0 comment
Dive into nuances of Social Stock Exchange (SSE), its role, impact, and prerequisites for non-profit organizations to register. Introduction: In recent times, a unique paradigm shift in stock exchanges has taken form - the emergence of the Social Stock Exchange (SSE). In June 2020, the Securities and Exchange Board of India put forth a...
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SEBI LODR Regulations: Board Committee Composition & Roles

  22 Aug 2023   0 comment
Explore SEBI LODR Regulation 2015's requirements for audit, nomination, remuneration, stakeholders relationship, and risk management committees. Learn about committee composition, roles, and meeting norms....
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