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E-Way Bill To Be Rolled Out Next Month For Easier Movement Of Goods

The E-way Bill will be rolled out across the country from 1st February after which there will not be any need for separate transit pass from each state through which the vehicle is to pass as the E-way Bill or GST Bill will be valid throughout India for movement of goods, the GSTN informed today. […]...

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GST Rate on Food prepared in office kitchens and served there

Question-  office cafeteria is charging 18% GST stating they come under outdoor catering but what if the food is cooked within the cafeteria. Need clarification? Reply- If the activity is outdoor catering gst rate is 18%, else 5%. Classification depends on the nature of business. @askGST_GoI office cafeteria is charging 18% GST stating t...

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Resolve issues in filing of Form GSTR 1 & TRAN-1: ICAI to CBEC

ICAI/IDTC/2017-18/Rep/27 (10/01/2017)

We would like to bring to your notice that assessees across the country are facing difficulties in filing Form GSTR 1, which includes the following: 1. System is not generating summary within 5 minutes. Sometimes it takes around 12 hrs. due to which assesses are not be able to proceed....

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No-extension of last date for filing return in FORM GSTR-1

The last date for filing of return in FORM GSTR-1, for different classes of taxpayers for the relevant periods, as shown in the Table below, remains 10th January, 2018. There has been no further extension of date for filing return in FORM GSTR-1....

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Due date for Monthly FORM GSTR-1 extended- Fake Notification Circulating

Council, hereby extends the time limit for furnishing the details of outward supplies in FORM GSTR-1 under sub-section (1) of section 37 of the Act for the months as specified in column (2) of the Table, by such class of registered persons having aggregate turnover of more than 1.5 crore rupees in the preceding financial year or the curre...

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Last Date to file Return in Form GSTR-1 is 10th January

Attention Taxpayers- The last date for filing Return in FORM GSTR-1 is 10th January, 2018. Please file your Return Now! Registered persons having Aggregate turnover of up to 1.5 crore rupees in the preceding financial year or the current financial year have to file Quarterly Return in FORM GSTR- 1 for July- September 2017...

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Download updated ICAI FAQ’s and MCQ’s on GST

ICAI has come out with revised publication titled FAQ's and MCQ's on GST. It provides a comprehensive coverage of GST in easy to understand question answer format written in lucid language....

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Join 4 days certification course on GST by MSME

JOIN 4 day GST CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER course of Ministry of M.S.M.E. at Chandigarh, Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Indore, Kota, Jaipur, Ajmer, Pune, Hyderabad, Trichy, Chennai, Coimbatore and Cochin in January 2018 starting from 13th January 2018....

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Process of verification of GST TRAN 01 data is underway

The stipulated date for filing GST TRAN 1 or its revision has expired on 27.12.2017. Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC) is determined to verify the correctness of ITC carried forward. GST Act provides that the ITC eligible in earlier law as well as in GST law should only be carry forwarded. In Rajasthan […]...

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Updated Background Material on Exempted Services under GST

ICAI has come up with a publication titled Background Material on Exempted Services under GST which inter-alia provides the type of exemptions, legal framework and in-depth analysis of exemption of services under GST....

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