Government of India

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

(Department of Commerce)

Directorate General of Foreign Trade

  Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi-110011,

Policy Circular No. 94 (RE-2008)/2004-2009 

Dated: 16th  June,2009

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All Regional Authorities, DGFT

Subject: Verification of new IEC Number.

Based on reports from other Central Government Authorities,  it has been decided to institute the following system for  limited verifications of IEC Numbers issued by DGFT offices:-

1.  Each RA shall carry out physical verification of 10% of the IEC Nos. issued in a particular month.  The physical verification of selected units must be completed in the month next to the issuance of the Code No.  While selecting the IECs for physical verification, RA may take up those cases first where the Bank Account has been opened less than 6 months before application for IEC has been made.  Physical verification of partnership/proprietorship firms   may be carried out  more than  of  the Companies which are registered under the Companies. Act.

2.  The physical verification shall be carried out by a team of two officials which shall be led by an officer not below the rank of FTDO.

3. In case any discrepancy is found  in any of the IECs by the inspecting team, immediate necessary action must be taken in terms of suspension of the IEC and the following up as per existing provisions and/or disabling IEC on EDI system.

4.   IEC certificates shall be sent to the applicants on the address indicated in the application   by registered post only. In exceptional cases, as decided by the Head of Office of the concerned RA, such certificates may be handed over to the applicants.  In case any certificate is returned  undelivered by postal authorities, RA may take immediate necessary action in terms of disabling the Code No. on EDI  and carry  out a thorough antecedent check of the firm before IEC is made operational again.

5.   Each RA must send a monthly report on the physical verification to DGFT( HQ) in ECA Division regularly.”

This issues with the approval of competent authority.


Joint Director General of Foreign Trade

 (issued from File No01/03/180/14/AM10/PC-II(B).

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