Government of India

Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Department of Commerce

Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Policy Circular No. 07/2004-2009

Dated: 4th November, 2004

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All Licensing Authorities

All Commissioners of Customs.

Sub:- Export Obligation Period against Import of Penicillin and its salts under advance licence scheme

Attention is invited to paragraph 4.22 and 4.22.1 of the Handbook of Procedure wherein the export obligation period and the permissible extension(s) of the export obligation period of the advance licence have been mentioned. Further, attention is invited to various conditions stipulated in the Policy Circular No. 1 and the Public Notice No. 6, both dated 17.09.04. Doubts have been raised on the Export obligation period against the Advance Licences for the import of Penicillin and its salts.

The matter was deliberated upon and accordingly it is clarified that wherever import of penicillin and its salts( ITC(HS) Code 29411010) is allowed under advance licence scheme, export obligation period of such licences shall be restricted to 3 months from the date of clearance of import of first consignment. No further export obligation period extension shall be allowed for such advance licences. An endorsement in the advance licence shall be made by the licensing authority to this effect.

This issues with the approval of Director General of Foreign Trade.

( Ajay Srivastava )

Joint Director General of Foreign Trade

(F.No. 01/94/180/11/AM05/PC IV)

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