Public Notice No. 87 (RE-2010)/2009-2014,  New Delhi, Dated the 22nd December, 2011

SubDeferment in the date of effect for implementation of bar-coding on Primary and Secondary level packaging on export consignment of pharmaceuticals and drugs for tracing and tracking purpose.

In exercise of the powers conferred under Paragraph 2.4 of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2009-14, as amended from time to time, Director General of Foreign Trade hereby makes following amendments in Public Notice No. 59(RE-2010)/2009-14 dated 30.06.2011 read with Public Notice No. 21 dated 10.01.2011:

2.         The trace and track technology as per serial number 2(i) a and 2(i) b of Public Notice No. 59(RE-2010)/2009-14 dated 30.06.2011 will come into effect as follows:

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(a) Primary Level packaging –    With effect from 1st January, 2013

(b) Secondary Level packaging – With effect from 1st July, 2012

3. Effect of this Public Notice:

Earlier the requirement of affixing barcodes on Secondary level and Primary level packaging was to come into effect from 01.01.2012 and 01.07.2012 respectively. Now more time is being allowed.

(Anup K.Pujari)

Director General of Foreign Trade


(Issued from F.No. 01/91/180/648/AM 09/Export Cell)

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