Government of India

Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi.

Policy Circular No. 6 (RE-2008) 2004-09

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Dated 7th , May 2008

Subject: – Amendment in EPCG Authorization issued from 1.4.2008 to 11.4.2008.

This has reference to the relevant paragraph(s) of Foreign Trade Policy and Handbook of Procedure (RE 11.4.2008) relating to issuance of EPCG authorization at 3% customs duty. The EPCG authorizations were issued at 5% Custom Duty from 1.4.2008 to 11.4.2008, whereas the Policy announced on 11.4.2008 has come into effect from 1.4.2008.

2. In this context it is clarified that the EPCG Authorizations issued from 1.4.2008 to 11.4.2008 shall be deemed to be issued at 3% Custom Duty as per FTP (Revised 11-4-2008) and Customs shall automatically allow clearance of goods at 3% Customs Duty. Regional Authorities may call back the Authorizations and make changes in the Authorizations.

4. This issues with approval of D.G.F.T.


(G. Seetharam Reddy)

Jt. Director General of Foreign Trade


1. All Regional Authorities.

2. All Customs Authorities.

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