STANDING ORDER NO. 07/2015 , Dated: February 03, 2015

Subject: Punctuality and Cleanliness in office – reg.

1. It has been observed that the officers are not attending office at the stipulated time. All Officers and Staff members posted in NS I, III and V are directed to ensure that they attend office on time. The Senior officers are directed to ensure punctuality and proper attendance and lead by example. Officers shall ensure that everyone under their charge is attending office regularly and on time. In case of delay due to unavoidable circumstances, the supervisory officer should be informed by the concerned.

2. Cleanliness in the office is very important. All officers and staff members are directed to keep their office space clean. They should also ensure that the files and records are properly maintained in a uniform and orderly way. No clutter should be left unattended on their table/room.

3. All to note for strict compliance.

F.NO: S/22-Gen-64/2015-16 AM(I)

(Seema Jere Bisht)
Commissioner of Customs (AM) for NS-I, III &V.


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0 responses to “Maintain Punctuality and Cleanliness in office”

  1. nimeychm says:

    yes agreed with varaprasad, no biometric is working & as a result unnecessary waste of installing in there office

  2. Sandeep Jha says:

    If it will be followed by the official, it will be really “good day to come”

  3. Varaprasad Daitha says:

    It is not the first time such circulars were issued by all departments periodically. It has become a ritual without follow up. The bio metric system adopted in Central Government offices is not functioning effectively as reported by many.

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