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Term “recovery” includes adjustment thereby reducing demand: Section 220/245

Volvo Group India Pvt. Ltd Vs DCIT (ITAT Bangalore)

i) The term recovery is comprehensive and includes adjustment thereby reducing the demand; (ii) It will be specious & illogical for the Revenue to contend that if an issue is decided in favour of the assessee giving rise to a refund in an earlier year, that refund can be adjusted u/s 245, on account of the demand on the same issue in a su...

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Assessee can raise issue of jurisdiction U/s. 153C during appellate proceedings

Assistant Commissioner of Income-Tax Vs Smt. Pallavi Ravi (ITAT Bangalore)

Assessee was not precluded from raising the issue of jurisdiction under section 153C, merely because it did not object to the same during assessment proceedings and participating therein, as the issue was purely a legal issue and could be raised at any time in the course of appellate proceedings....

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Notice issued by AO without specifying grounds of penalty is not valid

Smt. Jayalakshmi Vs ITO (ITAT Bangalore)

Where AO had issued the notice of penalty without specifying the grounds on which the same was imposed, imposition of penalty was unjustified, because this being a mandatory requirement could not be construed as a mere technical error....

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Deduction U/s. 80P not allowable to Co-operative society if it provides Credit facility to other than members

ITO Vs M/s. Siddasiri Pattin Souharda Sahakari Niyamit (ITAT Bangaluru)

Where assessee-society was engaged in activity of finance business and was also engaged in activity of granting loans to general public as well, it could not be termed as co-operative society meant only for its members and providing credit facilities to its members, hence assessee was not entitled to deduction under section 80P....

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Penalty cannot be levied if addition itself was debatable

M/s Google India Pvt.Ltd. Vs ACIT (ITAT Bangalore)

Additions in respect of which penalty was confirmed has been accepted by Hon’ble Karnataka High Court, leading to substantial question of law. Thus when Hon’ble High Court admitted substantial question of law on additions, it becomes apparent that issue is certainly debatable. In such circumstances penalty cannot be levied under secti...

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Share valuation report without scientific basis can be rejected

M/s. Innoviti Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Vs ITO (ITAT Banglore)

M/s. Innoviti Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Vs ITO (ITAT Banglore) (1) The AO can scrutinize the valuation report and the if the AO is not satisfied with the explanation of the assessee, he has to record the reasons and basis for not accepting the valuation report submitted by the assessee and only thereafter, he can […]...

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ITAT deletes addition for share capital in case of Jagan Reddy Group Companies

M/s Janani Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Vs ACIT (ITAT Banglore)

M/s Janani Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Vs ACIT (ITAT Banglore) We have held that the sole basis of reopening of the assessment is the information received from the CBI. It is an undisputed fact that AO did not supply those materials to the assessee and also did not confront them with the assessee. Hence, we are […]...

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Retiring partner to pay capital gain tax on excess amount received against Capital A/c

Savitri Kadur Vs DCIT (ITAT Bangalore)

Savitri Kadur Vs DCIT (ITAT Bangalore) Conclusion: When the partnership firm paid lump-sum amount to retiring partner, it was paid in consideration of her retirement in the partnership and assignment of her interest to other partners, the transaction would amount to transfer u/s 2(47) and liable to tax excess amount over partner’s c...

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Entering into Registered JDA is transfer under section 2(47)

Shri. Damodar Reddy Vs ITO (ITAT Bangalore)

Since assessee along with his mother and siblings entered into a JDA with M/s. S, which was a registered document, therefore, on entering into JDA, there was a 'transfer' as per section 2(47) and consequently capital gain was attracted....

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Section 54F deduction on cost of additional floors on new house

Shri Ramakrishna Aswatgh Vs ITO (ITAT Bangalore)

Shri Ramakrishna Aswatgh Vs ITO (ITAT Bangalore) In the present case, new house was purchased and the construction of additional floors was on such new house purchased by the assessee and this new house building purchased by the assessee has been accepted as eligible for deduction u/s. 54F. FULL TEXT OF THE ITAT JUDGEMENT This appeal [&h...

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