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Processing of steel scrap into blended steel scrap amounts to manufacture – AAR

In Re T.T. Recycling Management India Private Limited (Authority for Advance Rulings)

T. T. Recycling Management India Private Limited (hereinafter also referred to as applicant) is a resident Private Limited Company. Applicant proposes to source different grades of steel scrap from the generating factories and approved vendors within India as well as outside India. The scrap so procured in such a variety of forms and grad...

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Mere Crushing of Coal does not amount to manufacture: AAR

In Re. M/s. Dhunseri Petrochem. Ltd. (Authority For Advance Rulings - Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax)

It is engaged in the manufacture and sale of PET Chips. The applicant now intends to start a new business whereby the applicant intends to import coal from outside India of various size and all that It intends to do is to crush the same and thereafter supply it to the customers as per their demand. ...

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Activity of mere Loading software in a device does not amount to manufacture – AAR

In Re. M/s. Nucleus Software Exports Ltd. (Authority For Advance Rulings-Central Excise, Customs and Service Tax)

Nucleus Device is classifiable under Tariff Entry 85176290 of the First Schedule to the Central Excise Tariff Act 1985 as Machines for the reception conversion and transmission or regeneration of voice images or other data including switching and routing apparatus other....

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Activities relating to spectacles, frames & tagging of jewellery does not amount to manufacture– AAR

M/s Amazon Seller Services Private Limited, Bangalore (Authority For Advance Rulings)

In the instant case, the applicant has submitted that the tag is applied by them while placing the jewellery in the box to prevent return of counterfeit items. Application does not mention that applicant would affix or emboss brand name on the jewellery. Tagging in this case is not embossing or affixing. Therefore, the activity of taggin...

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Activities intended to protect goods and facilitate inventory management & storage does not amount to manufacture- AAR

In Re M/s Amazon Wholesale (India) Private (Authority For Advance Rulings)

Applicant is an entity incorporated for undertaking wholesale operations in India. The applicant will enter into vendor procurement contracts to purchase products from the manufacturers hold inventory on its own account and sell the same to retailers industrial users or other wholesalers....

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Revenue sharing arrangements are liable to service tax: AAR

In Re M/s Choice Estates and Constructions Ltd (Authority for Advance Rulings)

AAR held that a revenue sharing arrangement by creating a partnering person shall be liable to service tax if the partners are providing taxable service to one another in execution of partnering purpose even if the purpose of creating partnering person is non-taxable. ...

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No Service Tax on Web Hosting & Domain name registration/ transfer services provided by GoDaddy: AAR

M/s GoDaddy India Web Services Pvt. Ltd. (Authority for Advance Ruling) (Central Excise, Customs and Service Tax)

GoDaddy India Web Services Private Limited (hereinafter also referred to as applicant) proposes to enter into a ‘Services Agreement’ with, LLC (hereinafter also referred to as ‘GoDaddy US’) located in Arizona, USA and incorporated in Delaware, USA. GoDaddy US is a domain name registrar...

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Domain name service along with other services is bundled service

M/s GoDaddy India Web Services Pvt. Ltd. (Authority for Advance Ruling) (Central Excise, Customs and Service Tax)

Marketing and promotion services: Applicant proposes to engage in promotion and marketing of GoDaddy US services in India. This would essentially include increasing the awareness of services provided by GoDaddy US and establishment of the brand GoDaddy in India....

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Payment support Service to GoDaddy, US is export of service: AAR

M/s Universal Services India Pvt. Ltd. In re (Authority for Advance Ruling) (Central Excise, Customs and Service Tax)

It is observed that in this case, provider of service i.e. the applicant, is located in India, which is the taxable territory; recipient i.e. GoDaddy US is located in USA; the service to be provided by the applicant i.e. business support services is not specified under Section 66 D i.e. Negative List Services;...

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Distributorship of goods cannot be regarded as service – AAR

In RE: M/s. Creative Problem Solving India (Authority for Advance Ruling) (Central Excise, Customs and Service Tax)

The question is very simple and clear as to whether the sale of the books to the Indian entities involves any ‘service’ and would attract the service tax liability. The answer is clearly in negative. It is therefore, hold that this service does not entail and invite any liability for service tax....

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