Salient features of EPF Universal Account Number version 2.0

EPFO is in the process of development and implementation of next version of UAN, whereby the Universal Account Number of an EPF member is to be obtained/linked with present employment by the employer before filing the ECR.

Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation

No. R-I/UAN/2.0/2016 Dated: 27 October, 2016

All Additional Central PF Commissioner’s (Political States),
All Regional PF Commissioner’s, In-charge of Regions,
All Officer in Charge’s, Sub-Regional Offices.

Subject: Next version of UAN and clear the Tasks pending with employers for confirmation of first time employment/previous employment­ regarding.


EPFO is in the process of development and implementation of next version of UAN, whereby the Universal Account Number of an EPF member is to be obtained/linked with present employment by the employer before filing the ECR. It is submitted that in the current process, the employer is to declare about the first time employment of member to obtain his new UAN or link the UAN or previous member ID in case the new employee has a previous EPF membership . This happens after the ECR has been submitted by the employer . The system identifies the new member IDs in the present ECR viz-a-viz previous ECR and pushes the same to employer portal for declaration. To sensitize the employers about the next version of UAN, a handout on the silent features of the UAN 2.0 is annexed herewith.

2. It is noted that a large number of tasks are pending with employers for this declaration .The proposed process under UAN 2.0 requires the allotment of UAN upfront and the ECR can be filed only in case of such members where UAN has either been allotted to member or the previous UAN has been linked to his present Presently, the pending tasks wittl employers are already available to field offices in the dashboard provided through Head Office letter  No.  R-l/P-20/UAN/2014/364/25554-150  dated  27/11/2014 (placed under Office Orders/ Circulars at S. No. 613 of 2014-15) . The detailed process flow is available at www.epfindia.gov.in  >>Process  Flow for portability & first time employment.

3. It is submitted that the implementation of revised ECR requires that all the contributing members should have UAN, failing which, the employer would not able to remit the dues in respect of these members.

4. Accordingly, it is proposed to convey to the employers through all means to carry out the above activity by 11.2016 and clear the pendency.

Yours faithfully,

(Jag Mohan)
Additional Central P.F. Commissioner -I (IS)

Salient features of next version of Universal Account Number (UAN)

  • The UAN program was launched by EPFO in the year 2014 with an objective to provide one umbrella number to its members for all the employments of an EPF member with different establishment
  • Under this program, a number of services were provided to the member namely; updated passbook, dynamically updated UAN card, SMS services on registered mobile numbers of activated UANs and portability in case of KYC seeded UANs
  • To take UAN program to the next level of service delivery, there is a need to revise the processes involved in generation/ linking of UAN of members in his various employments and its integration with next version of ECR and Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojna (PMRPY) scheme .

Key features of next version of UAN

  • UAN would be the key field in Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR).
  • For a member joining EPF for the first time, the UAN would be obtained by the employer or member prior to filing of ECR by the employer for that member .
  • The employer would furnish the member’s details on the basis of KYC documents i.e. Aadhaar, PAN, Bank Account etc. to avoid future issues about member’s name, name of father/spouse , date of birth etc.
  • The UAN would be allotted upfront on the portal and would be validated in the ECR file of the employer at the time of its submission.
  • Also for  a member who was earlier a member  of EPF prior to joining the present establishment, the linking of the existing UAN of the member should necessarily be done by the employer before filing of UAN based ECR.
  • The member’s details as available in the provided UAN i.e. name of member, date of birth, father’s/ Husband’s name would  be used  in the  ECR  of the  present employment .
  • The generation/linking of UAN can be done through an online functionality on UAN portal.
  • This would be mandatory for the employer to include the new members in the ECR.
  • The employer may start remitting dues through ECR for the linked UAN thereafter
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    kindly suggest us how to generate UAN through EPF member. ID,s, if provided process , Im very grateful to you.



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