As you are aware, now all Voluntary Organization/Non Government Organization are mandatory to register under Niti Aayog for receiving grants under various schemes of Ministries/ Departments/Government Bodies. To achieve the purpose of easy of doing business and other social benefits that contributes to the nation building activities, a dedicated Centralized Portal is made available to NGO/VO in which they can easily enroll with Government and altogether centralized database is available with Government of India which helps them in Formation of Social welfare activities, which can be run through these NGO/VO.

Who are eligible to Get Register under Niti Aayog

Any VO / NGO which is registered as a trust/ society/ a private limited nonprofit company, under section-25 Company of the Indian Companies Act, 1956 are eligible to get Registered under Niti Aayog.

Whether an Individual can register under Niti Aayog?

As of now no Individual (person) Registration is allowed.

Benefits of Getting Registered under Niti Aayog

It is Mandatory for All NGO/Vo as specified above, to get enrolled themselves on Niti Aayog site and get Unique Id before getting any grant from Government Departments

Steps for NITI Aayog Registration

1. Visit –

2. Click on Login/Register Link and click on Sign Up Option.

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3. Provide Name of NGO /VO, Contact Person Mobile Number and Contact Person Mail Id. Put Security Code and Submit the request and after That Provide PAN Detail of NGO/VO

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4. You will receive OTP on Your given Mobile Number and Mail id. After verification of OTP, now generate Password for further Login Purpose.

5. Now again come to Home page and Use Sign In option for Login Purpose. Enter your Login ID and Password.

6. After Login, You will Find PAN Number and Name of NGO/VO as pre-filed.

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7. Now Provide following details to proceed further.

a. NGO Address

b. NGO/VO Registration authority (Under which act NGO/VO is registered)

c. Provide Registration Number and Upload RC Copy for Verification Purpose.

d. Act Name and Date of Registration under this Act

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e. Now provide details of all other registration details, if registered Like. FCRA Registration, GST Registration Etc.

images 5

8. Now Provide Atleast 3 Members detail of Executive Committee/ Founder Members/ Office Bearers as on date of Application.

images 6

9. Now Provide details of all Sources of Funds, received from Government bodies in Last 5 years.

images 7

10. Provide Detail of Key Person, who can be contacted in case of any Query.

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11. Now provide details relating to NGO/VO Core area of Working with state detail. This is critical part because, you will receive grant from Government Departments according to their working area.

images 9

12. When you provide all these details. Your Profile is 100% Complete and then submits the application.

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13. After submission of your application, your file is sent for Processing to the concerned officer.

14. After verification of your documents, the officer will approve your application or ask for another document if required.

15. When your application is approved, you will be allotted a Unique Id, which will be used in Future for all correspondence purpose with Government.

Note: All details are to be filed with adequate care and supporting documents should be properly attached to avoid rejection. It is suggested to take help of any professional before filing or giving response to any objection raised.

It will take approx 3-5 days time for approval of your application.

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(CA Shiv Kumar Sharma)

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  1. shiv786 says:

    Dear Readers

    Thanks for reading my article. I have received many calls and emails regarding ONE Query which is same for all.

    Query – Where there is any registration Certificate will be issued to NGO or Unique ID Alliotted is sufficient?

    Reply: No Certificate will be issued. Allotted Unique ID Is sufficient. Take Print Out of that Unique ID For your Future Reference.

    If still, you have any Query/ Doubt, feel free to contact us at – 9911303737 or drop a mail –

    so that we can contribute a little bit back to society.

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