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What is a registered office of a company?

The registered office of a company Registered in India is a place where all the communication related to its business is held. In addition to a registered office, a company can also have a corporate office, branch, factory, or administrative office.

However, the registered office of a company in India must be registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), the other branches and offices can be opened by a company without any prior intimation to the ROC.

Types of changes in the address of the registered office.

  • Within the same city/town/village.
  • Within the same state and ROC.
  • To other ROC in the same state.
  • From one state to another.

We’ll have a detailed look here only for the change of registered office of a company within same city/town/village.

In case company has changed its registered office within local limits of the same city or place, intimation regarding the same has to be filed in Form INC-22.

Steps to be followed for Changing Registered Office of a Company Within Same City/Town/Village

1. Hold a Board meeting or pass Board resolution by circulation announcement To consider and authorise change in the registered office of the company within original limits

2. Authorise CS or CFO or any director of the company to file notice of change of the situation of notice of change of the situation of registered office with Registrar.

3. In case of listed company, make exposure of the Board meeting to stock exchanges( where the shares of the company are listed), as soon as thoughtfully possible and not latterly than 24 hours from the conclusion of Board meeting and post the same on the website of the company within 2 working days.

4. File the notice of change of the situation of registered office and verification thereof in Form INC- 22 with Registrar within 30 days of the change along with all-important documents and charges.

5. Inform the change in listed office of the company to all the statutory authorities, wherever the company is registered.


1. New Address of Company for the Registered Address

2. Title document, if the new address is possessed by the company, or

3. Rent Agreement Rent invoice, of the new address, or

4. Utility Bill of Premises & NOC From proprietor of the new address

5. Copy of the Board Resolutions for filing with ROC.

Once the  approval for all the forms are received that are filed with the MCA  during the process for changing the address of the registered office gets completed. A company needs to update the new  address at all the applicable places. The new address should be changed on the PAN, TAN, Bank accounts, all other registrations, and the licenses, alteration in each of the required documents.

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