(Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt. of India)
Head Office,
Bhavisha Nidhi Bhavan, 14, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi-110066.

No: Pension-l/12/33/EPS  Amendment/96 Vol. II/4432

Dated: 31st May, 2017

All ACCs (Zonal Offices)
All Regional P.F. Commissioner (In-Charge of Regions),
All officers-in-charge of SROs.

Subject:- Allowing members of the EPS’ 95 the benefit of the actual salary in the Pension Fund exceeding wage limit of either Rs. 5000/- or Rs. 6500/- per month from the effective date respectively as per the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s order in Civil Appeal NO(S) 10013-10014 of2016 arising out of SLP No. 33032-33033 of 2015 – reg.


Please arrange to refer this office letter No. Pension-I/12/33/EPF/Amendtments/96/Vol-l dated 23.03.2017 on the above cited subject. Many references have been received from field offices to confirm if the aforesaid circular dated 23.03.2017 is applicable to employees of EPF exempted establishments. In  this context, it is informed as under:

(i) Approval to comply with the order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court  in the matter of Shri  R.C. Gupta and others is only in respect of the Provident Fund & Pension members whose accounts are maintained by EPFO and whose P.F. Contribution on higher wages has been received by EPFO.

(ii) All the appellant employees in the aforesaid case before the Hon’ble Supreme Court were from unexempted  establishment i.e. an establishment making P.F. contributions in the statutory Provident Fund managed by EPFO. The Employer’s contribution of 12 % under the Act in respect of the said employees was on actual salary and not on the ceiling limit of either Rs. 5,000 /- or Rs.6,500/-.

(iii) Exercise of option under Para 26(6) of the EPF Scheme, 1952 is a precursor  to exercise of option under proviso to clause 11(3) of the pension scheme. The appellant employees in the aforesaid case had exercised option under para 26(6) of the EPF Scheme and contribution on full salary was received in the statutory Provident Fund.

(iv) Employees’ Pension Scheme remittances are being made by the establishments and not by the exempted Trusts. As such if establishments with exempted trusts are allowed to make balance remittances on full salary to the Employees Pension scheme afresh, the same will have to be considered for unexempted establishments also. It  is not contemplated in the judgment.

(v) In the case of exempted establishment the Provident Fund and Pension Fund are managed by separate legal entities. The Provident Fund of employees of exempted establishments are managed by Exempted Trusts and Pension Fund is managed by EPFO. As such, adjustment  of contribution from Provident Fund Account to Pension Account as contemplated  in the judgment is not possible.

The matter was placed in the 40th PEIC meeting. As decided in the 40th meeting of the PEIC the matter will be placed before the CBT. In the interim, it is advised that no member of EPS, 95 whose contribution on full salary has not been received in the account of the EPFO at the respective periods of contribution, shall be eligible for the benefits contemplated  in the judgment as per the aforesaid  Hon’ble Supreme Court order.

(This issues  with the approval of CPFC)

Yours faithfully

(Mukesh Kurmar)
Regional PF Commissioner-I (Pension)

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  1. Madhu Malhotra says:

    i retired from a CBSE pvt school in 2010. My pension by EPFO was fixed Rs.1487 PM. Since than no increase in the pension. Supreme Court has issued orders to increase it in response to SLP NO- 33030-33033 of 2015. But no intimation to me from the office of EPFO Meerut. my contact no is 9897231076.

  2. Rabindra Jena says:

    I Sri Rabindra Jena work under CCBank odisha, and retired from 1997 and get minimum pension Rs.1000/-
    Pl. How much I shall get new pension
    Thanking you


    Im absorbed from Govt.of Gujarat to GSCSC LTD.,(GOVT.OF GUJARAT UNDERTAKING).Iwas in service from 5-6-1965 to 4-12-1988 than absorbed to GSCSC LTD.from 5-12-1988 to30-04-2004 on attaining age of 58yrs.I joined in EPFO from statring EPS95.MY last salay : pay-8125, DA-4793,Hra-1218, CLA-240,Spl.pay(for Small family)Rs.175 Total last salary on retirement was Rs.14653 and PF deduction was Rs.1550/- . Shall I elligible to apply Higher pension as Ordered by Supreme Court? & how?
    Pl. Guide me to getting Higher Pension?
    My mob.No.7990965531 and Email [email protected]
    Pl. A line of reply is awaited.
    Firoz Kanpurwala

  4. Suryawanshi M D says:

    I am under epf95, retired from District Central Co Op Bank on 28.02.2000. I am getting Rs. 1112/- monthly Pension. Shall I eligible to apply higher Pension as ordered by the honorable supreme court & how.
    At the retirement my pensionable salary was Rs4840/-
    Suryawanshi M

  5. shankar says:

    I have superannuated on 31.8.2017 and on attaining 58 years 31.8.2015 my employer recovered Rs 1250/- pm based on the basic pay RS. 15000/-.I am getting Rs.2577.00 pension pm. If government approved and epfo is ready to pay then how much will be my pension .

  6. subash bhattacharjee says:

    i was given vrs in 2001.i worked for 15 years in Private Co.i opted for early pension as the situation turned unberable because of job loss at the age of 45.I am getting a pension of Rs.825/- per mon.At the time of cessation my basic salary was Rs.4325/-.Could you please let me know what shouldf i do.

    Subash Bhattacharjee

  7. Sanjsy patki says:

    I am retired on 31 july 2014 that time my basic salary was
    10500 per month
    At present i am getting pension Rs 2461 per montj.
    Pl tell me how.muuch pention i wii get after new supream court order

    Sanjay patki

  8. P C Sharma says:

    I P C Sharma Ex General Manager of Cement Corporation of India ( A Government of India under taking ) retired under VRS Scheme on 31st May 2002, my pension Rs.900/pm, was fixed by EPFO under EPS-95,which I was getting till August 2017. after that as per Honourable Supreme court order for 2 years pension benefit the pension revised from Rs.900/ to Rs.1065/pm.while since 2009 I am repeatedly requested through letters to all concern to increase the pension amount but no result.
    when the Employees Provident Fund Organisation will enhance the pension?

  9. S.Chandrasekaran says:

    I was a private sector employee, and I have retired on 31.12.2011. With effect from 01.01.2012, I am getting meagre pension is just Rs.1414. For the past three years EPFO telling the pension amount will be hiked in near future. But today’s position is what ? How much I will get in future ? and When ?. Please reply. Expecting your reply mail very eagerly.

  10. Subash Chandra Nayak says:

    I retired from odisha Forest Dev. Corporation Ltd on dt.30.09.2014.As the EPF sealing is raised from dt.01.09.2014 from Rs.6500/- to Rs.15000/- & my basic salary was Rs.19200/-.Pl. Tell me How much I shall get monthly pension.
    Contact- 8249579946

  11. Arvind kumar Agrawal says:

    I am Arvind kumar Agrawal retired in october 2009 from
    Ahmedabad Textile industry’s reearch association,Atira
    Under eps 95 i am getting a pension of rs 1810/month
    I joined Atira in dec 1981 and retired after 28 years of service. What should I do as supreme court has recently declared that the pension amount should be increased.
    Pl adcise

  12. Arvind kumar Agrawal says:

    I retired from Ahmedabad textile Industry”s resarch asociation on 1st october 2009 after a sevice of 29 years.
    I am getting family pension of Rs 1810 per month under eps95.
    Stil waiting for increase in pension as per supreme court decision.what epfo suggests?


    I am D.srinivasacharya, worked at HMT LTD>,Hyderabad, from 1972 to 2001 november, after that i have taken VRS , since then iamgetting monthlty pension Rs.850/ and our company maintained PF TRUST., MY PH.NO.IS 9848085908, AT THE TIME OF RETIREMENT MY BASIC AND da WAS rs.1400.00 APPROX. MAYI ELGIBLE FOR HIGHER PENSION?

  14. Rathin Ganguly says:

    I am under EPF 1995,retired from service on 31.08.2012.It seems the authority is not obeying the supreme court order and not taking any positive steps for enhancement of pension.


    I am under epf95,retired from munjal sales corporation Ludhiana pb.on 31.3.2007 as per the orders of honorable supreme courts orders,SLP No.33032-33033 of 2015 I am still getting only Rs.1315/-per month as pension from Karnal {Haryana] WHY IAM NOT GETTING THE INCREASED PENSION AS ORDERED BY THE HONOURABLE SUPREME COURT

  16. Ashok Kumar Sethi says:

    I am under epf95 retired from Munjal Sales Corporation Ludhiludhiana pb. I have been retired on 31.3.2007 presently I am getting Rs.1315/- monthly pension despite the orders of honorable supreme Court

  17. Ashok Kumar Sethi says:

    I am under epf95, retired from Munjal Sales Corporation, Ludhiludhiana(pb)on 31.3.2007, still waiting higher Pension as ordered by the honorable supreme court order since am getting Rs1315/-

  18. T.Shyamprasad says:

    It is earnestly requested to increase the minimum EPFO/EPS pension to Rs 7500 at the earliest.
    This will also help in getting the ruling BJP BJP Govt to be voted back to power again and again.

  19. I am working in an unexempted category . My PF contribution is on full salary but pension contribution is as per limit . Now, I want to know whether I am eligible for higher pension as per the above circular or not ? You can contact me on 9910029717


    I am under EPS’95. I retired from Franco-Indian Pharmaceuticals(P)Ltd,20,Dr.E.Moses Road,Mumbai 400011. on 2010,Employee No.3100.

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