Q.1: Why is it necessary to have DSC/e-Sign?

Ans. Many important tasks like KYC attestation, transfer claim attestation etc are done online by the authorized persons of employer using their digital signatures or Aadhaar based e-Sign on EPFO portal. This ensures seamless online service to members.

Q.2: What role does EPFO plays in use of DSC/e-Sign?

Ans. For using DSC/e-Sign, one time approval from Regional Offices of EPFO is required. The employers are required to send one time registration request to regional offices for approval, duly signed by the employer.

Q3. How can I send the request letter to the concerned Regional Office for registration of DSC or e-Sign in the lockdown period?

Ans.Keeping in view overall situation, EPFO has decided to accept such requests through mail also. Employer can send the scanned copy of duly signed request letter to the concerned Regional Office through mail.You can send the request letter to the official mail id of the concerned Regional Office. E-Mail Id of the Regional Office is available at EPFO official website. Direct link is given below:


Q4. What to do if physical DSC dongle is not available with authorized signatory?

Ans. Such establishments whose authorized officers have approved digital signature but are not able to locate the dongle can login to the employer portal and register their e-sigh through the link for registration of already registered authorized signatories. If their name against the approved digital signature is same as that in their Aadhaar, the registration of e-Sign will not require any further approval. Other authorised signatory can register their e-Sign and send the request letter approved by the employer and seek approval of the concerned EPFO Office.

Q5. How can I register e-Sign of the authorized signatory?

Ans. Employer has to provide virtual id and basic details (Name, DOB, and Gender) of the authorized signatory. System will verify the basic details from Aadhaar database. If details match, request letter for registration of authorized signatory will  be generated. Please mail the duly signed letter to the concerned Regional Office.

Following is the brief process flow:

Step 1: Login to Employer Interface of Unified Portal of EPFO. Link is given below: https://unifiedportal-emp.epfindia.gov.in/epfo/

Step 2: Go to Establishment >> DSC/e-Sign

Step 3: Click on e-Sign

Step 4: Enter Virtual ID and basic details of authorized signatory

Step 5: Click on view DSC/e-Sign registration (Top on right hand side)

Step 6: Click on “Generate Request Letter”

Step 7: Mail the request letter to the concerned Once Regional Office approved the request, authorized signatory can use the e-Sign for various tasks like KYC attestation, transfer claim approval etc.

Q6. How can I generate virtual id.

Ans. Virtual Id can be generated from UIDAI website. Following is the direct link for virtual ID generation: https://resident.uidai.gov.in/vid-generation

Q7. How can I register digital signature of the authorized signatory?

Ans:Visit “Establishment >> DSC/e-Sign>>Digital Signature Registration” at Employer Interface. Provide the basic details of authorised signatory. During registration, physical DSC (dongle) should remain attached with machine. System will ask the password of the DSC. Generate the request letter and mail it to the Regional Office.Once Regional Office approves the request, authorized signatory can use the DSC for various tasks like KYC attestation, transfer claim approval etc.

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