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Case Name : Jaipur Shahar Hindu Vikas Samiti TR. Pres Vs State of Rajasthan TR. Chief Sec. & ORS. (Supreme Court of India)
Appeal Number : Civil Appeal nos.4593-4594 of 2014
Date of Judgement/Order : 17/04/2014
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Courts : Supreme Court of India (986)

CA Sandeep Kanoi

The Supreme Court today advocated in the case of JAIPUR SHAHAR HINDU VIKAS SAMITI TR.PRES Vs. STATE OF RAJASTHAN TR.CHIEF SEC.& ORS.  that judiciary should deal with iron hand the misuse of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) which is being exploited for the benefit of individuals.

The concept of Public Interest Litigation is a phenomenon which is evolved to bring justice to the reach of people who are handicapped by ignorance, indigence, illiteracy and other down trodden people. Through the Public Interest Litigation, the cause of several people who are not able to approach the Court is espoused. In the guise of Public Interest Litigation, we are coming across several cases where it is exploited for the benefit of certain individuals. The Courts have to be very cautious and careful while entertaining Public Interest Litigation. The Judiciary should deal with the misuse of Public Interest Litigation with iron hand. If the Public Interest Litigation is permitted to be misused the very purpose for which it is conceived, namely to come to the rescue of the poor and down trodden will be defeated. The Courts should discourage the unjustified litigants at the initial stage itself and the person who misuses the forum should be made accountable for it. In the realm of Public Interest Litigation, the Courts while protecting the larger public interest involved, should at the same time have to look at the effective way in which the relief can be granted to the people, whose rights are adversely affected or at stake. When their interest can be protected and the controversy or the dispute can be adjudicated by a mechanism created under a particular statute, the parties should be relegated to the appropriate forum, instead of entertaining the writ petition filed as Public Interest Litigation.

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