77 Facts about Cyber Crimes One Should Know in 2018 (Infographic)

Ever since the Internet was created there have been criminals who want to take advantage of it. Therefore, offenses against individuals or companies in order to cause harm or loss to the victim with the use of modern telecommunication networks are defined as cybercrimes. Basic precautions like firewall, antivirus, and regular security checks must become an intrinsic part of your digital world, but they are not foolproof solutions. You are susceptible to a cyber attack if you do not exercise extreme caution when sharing information on the Internet.

There are many forms in which these crimes are conducted with frauds, scams, spam, identity theft, information warfare among the most famous ones. They have become the greatest threat to modern technology as they do a total damage of around $4 billion to the global economy.

The most affected countries affected by different kinds of cybercrime will be presented in the following paragraphs.

Iran (44.78%), China (31.49%), Bangladesh (27.10%), Indonesia (26.12%) and Algeria (25.22%) are the most affected countries by mobile malware infections.

Russia (1.63%), Australia (0.81%), Turkey (0.81%), Tajikistan (0.44%) and Uzbekistan (0.44%) are the most affected countries by mobile banking threats.

Germany (2.61%), Togo (2.14%), Libya (1.77%), Palestine (1.53%) and Lebanon (1.44%) are the most affected countries by banking malware attacks.

Brazil (2.61%), Italy (2.14%), Japan (1.77%), Vietnam (1.53%) and South Korea (1.44%) are the most affected countries by cryptors.

Algeria (29.15%), Albania (26.57%), Belarus (25.62%), Qatar (24.54%) and Ukraine (24.28%) are the countries with the greatest risk of online infection.

If expectations and predictions for the following years are set to become true, the damage that cybercrimes are going to create is an astonishing $6 trillion dollars by 2021, and analogous to that the cost for security will go beyond $800 billion in the same year.

The main point is to see that companies deal with this threat by preventing and minimizing its consequences. This is of utmost importance.

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