The Government has said that a number of steps have been taken to make the ‘Easy Exit Scheme- 2010’ effective. Giving this information in written reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha, Shri Salman Khurshid, Minister of Corporate Affairs, said that the steps include conducting seminars and workshops involving all stakeholders, to sensitize the scheme and advertisements in newspapers, banners, etc. All facilities have been provided to receive the applications and process the same electronically

The Minister also gave the number of defunct and inactive companies as existing in the registers of Government, State-wise as follows:

State Companies Count
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 58
Andhra Pradesh 26414
Arunachal Pradesh 141
Assam 1779
Bihar 3611
Chandigarh 2440
Chhattisgarh 376
Daman and Diu 69
Delhi 39831
Dadar Nagar Haveli 61
Goa 1014
Gujarat 15942
Himachal Pradesh 838
Haryana 2854
Jharkhand 1115
Jammu and Kashmir 1206
Karnataka 10954
Kerala 4393
Lakshadweep 2
State Companies Count
Maharashtra 48419
Meghalaya 217
Manipur 131
Madhya Pradesh 1977
Mizoram 23
Nagaland 165
Orissa 1738
Punjab 5705
Pondicherry 414
Rajasthan 3824
Tamil Nadu 24110
Tripura 46
Uttar Pradesh 6676
Uttarakhand 428
West Bengal 6214

‘Easy Exit Scheme- 2010’ has a simplified procedure to enable defunct companies to exit from the Register of Companies.  The scheme is in operation from 30.5.2010 to 31.8.2010.

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0 responses to “Number of Defunct and Inactive Companies as Existing in the Registers of Government”

  1. murali says:

    we are always wiser after the

  2. Jai ho corruption says:

    Mr S.Narayanaswamy is really very magnanimous, like a true Christian. Forget and Forgive and turn a new leaf. Let the thousands of crores of black money keep circulating in the economy, let the corrupt be happy, scrap the PCA, close the CBI, CVC, Anti-Corruption offices, SFIO, etc. And let the poor die-let the society be rid of that filthy burdensome malaise called poor. And close all corruption cases too-and legalise corruption. Jai ho corruption!

  3. S.Narayanaswamy says:

    Dear all

    good morning. what ever is happened , is happened. In those days, where manual records were there, it was humanly not possible to do lot of actions or inactions et al due to various obvious bottle necks , pulls , pressures et all. Now that , all most , all are under e filing , and most of the details are made available electronically, and MIS is possible, we have to initiate much required action plan and strategy there on and help the ministry by all means and also at all places , to get them the informmation and also guide them to do further action in this regard. There is no point at all , at these stage, for pin pointing various errors, omissions, et all happened earlier and we should be proactive and analyase the matters in a workable manner so that the ministry can do some thing better in the days to come. We should only help the various initiatives taken by the ministry , at least, now, with all , limitations , problems galore, shouting, pulls and pressures, from various quarters, they are still want to do something for you and me and the society . so we should help them 24 x7 x 365 with our mights . with kind regards. S.Narayanaswamy

  4. Nisban says:

    I think Tira. T means Baksara village in Howrah dt. of West Bengal which in the 50s to the 80s was a very notorious place (no less today too) for neme lenders’ addresses-all bogus. In fact, names and addresses of hundreds of companies of this place with and without registration were being used to introduce cash credits in the books of millionaires of those days on their way to become billionaires-all bogus. 99% of these entitities never existed-those who did, sprouted with the connivance of ROCs. The Minister may, just for his enlightenment, enquire into these as a test case.

  5. Tira.T says:

    What will happen to the bogus cash credits introduced in the names of non-existing/bogus/fly-by-night companies in the income tax cases for decades? What action will be taken against the CAs/ITPs/Advocates/Taxpayers who have been indulging in this widespread practice for decades (many of them having become too powerful, respectable and even advisors to the govt., bank directors, recoipients of national/govt honour)? The govt should invite opinion from those who have handled such cases. West Bengal (even villages like Bak Shara in Hora were shown as regd offices of many such companies!), MP, Rajasthan, Gujarat (villages), and villages and small towns of in the whole country used to be shown as the addresses of companies and ROCs never furnished info as they were and are involved.

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