In this article the author will try to cover the practical problems and issues faced by professionals while filling and uploading SPice+ form.

Frequently Asked Questions on Practical Problems Related to Spice+ :

Q 1. Where to find SPice MOA and SPice AOA?

Ans:  Once you will fill and submit the Spice+ form, both of the forms viz Spice MOA and Spice AOA will appear on the same page.

Q 2. Whether DSC is required by Every Proposed Director/Subscriber?

Ans:  Yes as INC-9 will be generated on automation basis in most of the cases and it requires DSC for signing by all the directors/subscribers.

Q 3. How to remove/change the attachment in forms?

Ans: There is no direct to remove attachment in forms unlike previous SPice forms. All you have to do is Click on choose file and select the file you want to attach, It will get replaced with the new file.

Q 4. What to write in Employer Particulars under Agile Form?

Ans:  Just write detail of Authorized Signatory. EX: If authorized Signatory is Director then just write Director.

Q 5. What to do when we are unable to download the forms.

Ans:  In case you are experiencing MCA-21 error page while trying to download the forms, all you have to do is Change the IP address of your system by Switching off and on the internet, Change your browser and use incognito window and last try different laptop.

Q 6. What to do when we encounter “Image size is maximum of 100kb” error in Agile Form?

Ans:  First check if the size of image is really less than 100kb and if you still face the issue then resize the Image with Resolution 150 x 150, it will get uploaded without any issue.

Q 7. What to do when we encounter error like DSC is not assocted with PAN on MCA website?

Ans: You will have to first Associate DSC on MCA portal and then sign the form Again after associating. Just do not upload the old form else you will face the same error. You’ll have to sign again.

Q 8. What to in case of DSC is not attached for PAN____ in Any Form.

Ans:  If you getting this type of errors then you are not using correct Adobe Software. Download the exact version of software from the hyperlink given in MCA website and after affixing dsc make sure the date will appear in the next tab of it.

Q 9. List of Documents required for Incorporation of Private Limited Company?

Ans: Generally following documents are required of incorporation:

1- DIR-2.

2- Copy of Utility Bill.

3- Proof of Identity and Address of Subscribers

4- NOC from the onner.

5- Declaration with respect to Deposit( not mandatory but recommended)

6- Subscriber Sheet.

7- Authorization Letter for GST, in case of applying.

8- Specimen Signature of Authorized Signatory.

I have tried to cover most of the issues and problems in my article but if you still encounter any problem, comment your queries below.

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  1. Akash Jain says:

    DSC is not attached for pan in form INC 09.
    Used both chrome and explorer and also associated every director’s DSC, but still above error is coming.
    Can please anybody guide me on how to resolve?

  2. Hetal Kapadia says:

    I m trying to upload spice form, it is showing that DSC not found at DIN******, and immediate next query says that the same DSC is not registered even though it is registered. raised ticket but no solution what to do?

      1. Nayanu panda says:

        I m also facing the same problem from 29th june and trying to contact MCA but no response..kindly share any solutions if anyone found.

        1. Manish Bansal says:

          When downloading Spice+ forms error is coming:-

          “Your request could not be processed. There has been an internal application error.”

          Kindly provide solution…

      1. CS Raunit Gupta says:

        There are multiple ways to resolve this error. You may have to find the right one for you.
        1- Use Incognito Window
        2- Clear site data of mca.
        3- Change IP address of the system.
        4- Use another System with different Interet connection.
        5- If possible try use MAC OS.

        1. cspooja says:


          I have tried all option for downloading SPICE forms but it does not works, kindly suggest
          showing error page
          Our apologies…
          Your request could not be processed. There has been an internal application error.

      2. CsRaunit says:

        You may try this as it works for me always.:
        1- Clear MCA site data
        2- Change IP address
        3- Use Incognito window.
        Or you may use another System with different internet connection. (Preferable MAC OS as I am also using the same)

  3. TONY CHACKO says:

    While uploading signed Spice Plus part B form an error is being appeared “Prescrutiny field is not there in form” The prescrutiny filed in disabld in the downloaded form as well as signed form. How to solve the issue?Please help.



  5. Rahul saini says:

    pan in the feild (particulars of individual first subscriber(s) cum directors) does not get verified ( pan verify tab is not working ) however same is verified in 8C . I have raised 3 Complaints nothing is happened

  6. Anjali Bindal says:

    We are facing the problem that Part B of the Spice + application is not showing ,Part A for the same was approved .also we try on different Laptop,Clear temp files restart the system,Java update etc problem not solved

    1. Shital says:

      if you have made payment for Part A then till the time name gets approved Spice+ B will be not displayed. sometimes even after approval of name it takes 1-2 days to display Spice+B form.

  7. VINITA says:

    in case of id & address proof, voter id card, passport & dl is required & address proof bank statement & bill is requied. subscribers have not such type of documents

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