e-form INC-29 single form for DIN Application, Company Incorporation and Name of a Company

 The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has introduced a new integrated e-form INC-29 w.e.t 1st May. 2015. INC-29 will provide applicants a facility to avail of the following services through a single e-form:

(i) Allotment of Director Identification Number;

(ii) Name of a company; and

(iii) Incorporation of a company.

INC-29 will be available for incorporating of companies other than section 8 companies and will accommodate applications for up to three new DIN applicants who will be Directors of the company being incorporated.

In addition e-Forms INC-30 and INC-31 are also being made available for the purposes of Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA) to be attached with INC-29.

The Instruction kit for filling the e-forms INC-29. INC-30 and INC 31 may be accessed on the MCA21 portal.

Standalone e-Forms DIR-3. INC-1 and INC-2 or INC-7 for DIN, Name Reservation and Incorporation of a company will continue to be available as before for stakeholders wanting to avail these services separately.

For any further queries or difficulties, helpdesk facility of the MCA21 portal may be contacted at appl.helpdesk@mca.gov.in or at 0124-4832500.

(Compiled by Taxguru Team based on MCA Notice dated-30.04.2015)

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  • Sir I have filled inc-1 and I have got the availability of name. Now I want to fill inc-29 with name. Can I do it. What are steps in this.

  • hello sir,
    i want to do register my website so how to get registration and which document is required and how many amount i will pay for this please tell me.

  • We have registered our company by using new form INC 29, please confirm if we still need to file INC 21 and INC 22.

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