Complain of Fruad against Companies-

The government, in order to encourage better compliance of the law, has introduced the form SCP (Serious Complaint Form) for reporting the serious complaints relating to the companies. This form can be filed on the website of the ministry of corporate affairs.

The form can be downloaded by following the link:

And this form shall be uploade by following the link:

Following category of person can file the complaint:

  • Shareholder
  • Investor
  • Creditors
  • Employee
  • Deposit Holder
  • Others (It include the one who is not falling in the above category)

Nature of Complaint:

  • Cessation of director
  • Management Dispute
  • Financial Mis-management
  • Removal of Director
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Accounting Fraud
  • Oppression of Minority Share Holders
  • Other (if the complaint cannot be categories under any of the above)

Mandatory Information/attachment:

ID Proof of the complainant mandatory.

If the problem pertains to the director’s cessation then there is an additional requirement of the following information:

  • Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Name of the director
  • Father’s name of the director
  • Present residential address
  • Designation (Type of director)
  • Date of cessation
  • Director’s email ID
  • Reason of cessation
  • Any other remarks with respect to the above
    Description of the information.


As this form is released to encourage the complainant to register the complaint related to the companies hence there is no fee applicable in this form.

Digital Signature:

Normally all types of e-forms can only be filed after attaching the digital signature of the concerned person. But this form is the exception where no digital signature is required.

The list can go up to the thousands of categories for which this form can be filed, few of them are as fellow:

  • Disqualified director continuing as director.
  • Banks accepting the cash for providing the loan to the applicants.
  • Companies paying less salaries to their staff but getting their signature on the higher amount receipts or taking back the amount in the form of cash after paying the salaries to the staff.
  • Companies collecting the GST without valid GST number.
  • Companies not issuing the invoices to its customers.
  • Companies cooking the books of accounts to report the better result to the common public.
  • Companies deducting the tax but no depositing to the government.
  • Companies not following the proper accounting system.
  • Companies not refunding the money to its customers.
  • Companies providing the taxable services but filing there returns as they are providing the exempted services.

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  1. Kira Gor says:

    One of typing world company from noida, have taken my hard earn money on the name of giving salary and I worked really hard and now they didn’t give salary and took my money around 1,24000 and there is Mr ashok Pradhan named person who has taken my money and didn’t give me back not even my salary…therefore I’m requesting you to take an action against that company so atleast they don’t take money from others now … thank you

  2. Thembekile Makhosonke says:

    If a company does not registor their employees, and making them work overtime without pay?
    The employer is physically abusing employees, because they are illegal immigrants?
    Fired employees without any payment, buying stolen goods?

  3. SUMAN SARKAR says:

    I am deposited my hard earned money to sahara credit cooperative society ltd,but the company are not paying my matured money for last one year.Iam talk to everywhere but no body can reply.Last of all I appeal to consumer forum and their decision in favour of me but the company did not pay my money till now.Matured money is appox rs.2.5laks .Therefore, I request you to kindly take a fruitful solution as early as possible.

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