Next Big Thing in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Funding

Many non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have limited fundraising options due to a lack of funding sources or targeted corporates willing to support projects with CSR funds. This is where comes in: a digital CSR funding platform for social enterprises and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) fundraising for a cause.

Why CSR2Life?

If you are looking for an easy way to fund your CSR activities, then take a look at It is a Start-up India recognised and innovative CSR funding platform that provides visibility to NGOs and CSR implementation agencies operating even in remote areas that companies or many companies cannot reach. It has made it easier than ever to do CSR funding, while being an example of corporate social responsibility. assists you in presenting your CSR programmes to various organisations in an interactive manner, allowing them to interact with your project. is a powerful solution for managing all of your CSR-related activities and content in one place. CSR2life deals with all of this for a fraction of your CSR operation management costs. Simultaneously, corporate funding projects through can ensure transparency in CSR

fund expenditure. CSR2life enables companies to manage their activities related to CSR more efficiently, improve compliance and reduce risk. The platform is cost-effective, quick and intuitive, plus it has all the basic features that you need for your next CSR project funding.

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The CSR2Life Platform

CSR2Life is an innovative approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. This new model is intended to open up new avenues for ensuring the sustainability of CSR funding and services while also meeting stakeholders’ expectations.

The platform is equipped with a fully automated communication, disbursement, and monitoring system. The platform solutions include a web-based interface for project selection, information sharing, reporting, and other assistance. With a communication trail, the CSR2life platform’s communication system facilitates discussion among organisations and CSR Implementation Agencies about various aspects of projects, such as timelines, budgeting, monitoring, and reporting. Organizations can obtain additional information about projects prior to approval, approve projects, carry out disbursement, monitor CSR funds, and obtain reports for monitoring and documentation purposes. Physical movement by CSR Implementation Agencies / NGOs is no longer required for the submission of project-related papers, questions, and record filing to organisations, as these can now be provided digitally by uploading the same through the dashboard.

The analytics capabilities of the platform enable corporates to make data-driven decisions for CSR activities, saving time and money associated with manual effort required for CSR management. Simultaneously, it contributes to Good Corporate Governance by facilitating better use of funds available for social purposes.

How to use the platform

The Next Big Thing in CSR Funding is this platform that makes it simple to fund CSR projects. This platform facilitates the funding of CSR projects with a social mission. The platform has an easy-to-use interface that can be used by both businesses and non-profit organisations. It is free to register your organisation on the platform. The platform charges a nominal fee to upload the project as a fee for managing the platform, so that the services of this one-of-a-kind platform can be used by an increasing number of NGOs. NGOs could join the platform by registering on the homepage and filling out their profile. You can add projects once your profile is active.

Corporates should go to the platform’s active projects section to find projects that they want to fund with CSR funds. To shortlist projects or download project summaries and other documents, companies must first register or create a profile. They must present the proposals that have been shortlisted to the CSR Committee / Board of Directors for approval before moving forward. Following approval, corporate entities must provide approval details on the platform via their dashboard. Corporates can disburse and monitor the end use of disbursed funds through the platform.

Independent Audit of Disbursed Funds maintains a panel of Chartered Accountant firms throughout India. Upon corporate request, can assist them in conducting an independent audit of disbursed funds by engaging an independent auditor.

CSR2Life digital funding portal is the beginning of the revolution. is just the beginning of a big revolution in CSR funding. is a revolutionary portal for NGOs to pitch to NGOs the project ideas they want to implement with CSR funds. The CSR community has been waiting for a platform like this to come along. The online Fintech platform,, provides a platform that brings causes and companies together for mutually beneficial collaboration, offering companies the opportunity to do more of what they do best and create more value.


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