The second session of Common Proficiency Test (CPT) disappointed the students in subjects like quantitative aptitude (QA) which includes maths, statistics and economics. Unexpected objective questions on maths and statistics theory left them disappointed. Those who prepared from selected chapters found questions tough.

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Many aspiring chartered accountants had left a few chapters in “option” and chartered accountants institute’s decision to ask questions from some of these chapters simply stumped them. Said a student, “Micro economics was difficult and  the questions in QA test were really twisted. Most of the questions were from chapters like Limitation, Derivatives and Integration which proved to be very difficult. Normally, these chapters do not hold great importance. And in numericals, we tried to apply the concepts but didn’t get results.”

Another student complained that questions from chapters like ‘Co-ordinate Geometry’, ‘Ratio and proportion’ were not asked. “We prepared everything from these chapters. We regret focusing only on a few chapters and avoiding the others. Theory too proved to be difficult.”

A few students said that the modules provided in ICAI books proved to be of great use in law, accounts and economics but they did not give any insight into QA test. Students who qualify CPT move on to the inter level of chartered accountancy programme.

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